Is there a do it all glove?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Lovett, Jun 13, 2014.

  1. pythons37

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    I've had great luck with Foot Joy cold weather gloves. Kinda pricey, but comfortable and washable and stylish. Especially stylish. Lots of style points.
  2. alexschultz1

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    What are gloves? Are those the things that doctors put on their hands?
  3. Lovett

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    Just adding a bit here. A buddy of mine found some NFL Equipment football gloves and they seem to be holding up fairly good. They are a tight snug fit allowing for good grip and pretty darn durable. I got a little sidetracked in my search and will likely look into getting a pair of these myself or at least check out the Atlas gloves mentioned above.

    I actually have a pair of the Footjoy gloves (think they are for golf right?) that I bought in the winter and yes they are stylish, great for using with a blower, but didn't put them to use pulling weeds as they look to want to tear fairly easy if going that route.
  4. Budget Cuts Lawn Service

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    I like the mechanix wear original gloves. They seem to last a while without the finger tips breaking down. I have had mine for a few years but finally they have worn holes in all the fingertips but now I can use the touchscreen on my phone so it is actually a plus (at least for me). They are light and somewhat breathable for trimming, blowing, and push mowing. Just my $.02
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  5. Outlawn

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  6. ReRide

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    Deer skin leather are about the best I have found so far.
  7. Bagit

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  8. CMassey

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    I use leather padded palm Mechanix gloves. You can get them in fast fit or with the velcro strap. They will generally last a whole season. The new velcro isn't very good though so i have transitioned into the fast fit style.
  9. AMW Landscaping

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    I get mine at harbor freight. Like 3 bucks a pair and they are thin leather and hold up for a few weeks of mulching.
  10. Utah Lawn Care

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    I am nearly 6 foot 9 and I never see XXXL gloves. I squeeze my hands into XL gloves because that's all I can find. They last about 3 days. I gave up and don't wear gloves anymore.

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