Is there a pre-emergence for nutsedge in fescue?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by august, Dec 23, 2010.

  1. august

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    We post treat using sedge hammer with marginal results. Sometimes it may take several apps to kill it.

    Our local John Deere Landscapes says there is no pre-m for nutsedge in fescue.


    I would love to get rid of nutsedge.
  2. phillie

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    There are none that I know of. Ive used sedge hammer with ok results when mixed with a sticking agent but I like dismiss better. It seems to work better and quicker. Ive been reducing how much pops up year after year but all you can do is jut keep spraying as soon as you see it.
  3. august

    august LawnSite Member
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    JD also told me that new nutsedge growth is most vulnerable. Within a few days new shoots envelop a waxy coating that seems to repel the post emergent even with a sticker spreader.

    It's evil.

    Stupid sedge.

    However, you can pull it by the roots very carefully if it's only a little.

    I have a property that's an H.O.A that has developed a 30%-40% coverage in the last couple of years.

    I'm thinking of sending about six employees for a day to pull it if they can do it right and not screw it up. It's an important contract that we don't want to lose and they don't want to hear we can't get rid of weeds.

    Stupid sedge.
  4. daveyo

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    Here in NJ Nutsedge germinates May 10th, I wait until the leaf blade gets long (first week of June is good) and hit it with Dismiss. Dismiss has a 100 day residual so you have to be careful on your second app (in 5 weeks) if your reseeding, and you'll need a second app. That works for me, now I heard that Echelon can work as a preemergent I never tried it and the label does not state this. Try Turf.Rutgers.Edu for data concerning test plots.
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  5. cgaengineer

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    No pre-m for nutsedge that I know of.
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  6. august

    august LawnSite Member
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    Echelon seems to be the buzzword for some zones but it won't for mine. We've used Dismiss before but I don't recall it being for nutsedge.

    We only seed in the fall. In the late winter/early spring we put down pre-emergent.

    Stupid sedge.
  7. grassman177

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    dont pull it, it wil just make it worse and much more so. just hit it with herbicide meant to kill it(save sedgehammer if it is a large area due to cost) and then again the next round or if it is bad enough educate your customers and work in an extra visit just for nutsedge. education is the best thing.

    my customers with sedge issues appreciate the knowledge of the plant i have given them or sent them to university links to get. this yeat was a bad year, but i killed it once it was getting started. i let it all get visible before spraying(mid june) and get much less come back between rounds.
  8. ted putnam

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    Overwatering can make the problem worse also. If the area is irrigated, make sure you have a handle on it.
  9. cgaengineer

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    Yes, sedge loves wet saturated fact it will completely take over these kids of areas. every lawn of mine that has it is eaither in a bog or and area where rain water/irrigation is concentrated like a swale.
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  10. rwsawal04

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    Yeah there's no pre-emerge for nutgrass. That would be a miracle. lol

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