Is there a product that STUNTS grass growth but doesnt "brown"??

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by stinky rodent, Feb 23, 2004.

  1. newguy123

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    Does it work well as a PGR??? I would think it would burn the grass. Do you dilute it first?
  2. countryclublawnllc

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    Depending on the grass types involved but if it is a blue/rye combo I would use Embark at a rate of around 1.5 oz per Acre of the 2S red 3.2% ai. label or 12 oz per Acre of the green 28% ai. label to start with and go from there. Cant say I have tried roundup as a pgr but at proper rates it would probably work and be the cheapest solution.
  3. Ric

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    I believe "Thinking" might be your problem. First read the Roundup label. Then do a Google search for "Chemical Mowing" and you might learn something.

  4. clemsonturf

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  5. newguy123

    newguy123 LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Thanks for answering the question smart guy.
  6. ted putnam

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    C'mon man. Lighten Up!. While Ric does tend to answer questions with a "tude", you have to admit that your comment in post #11 was pretty stupid. "Do you Dilute it first?" What herbicide are you aware of that is not generally received in concentrated form requiring dilution before application....I can't think of any off the top of my head. In post#10, Ric pointed everyone in the direction they needed to go if considering using Glyphosate as a PGR.

    While I have not read this information yet and am not aware of what it says, I personally don't believe I would even consider using Glyphosate as a PGR unless I was dealing with strictly Bermuda turf.
  7. newguy123

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    Hey thanks for coming to his aide...maybe you should have directed the "c'mon man" to him first.

    I was merely being quick with my response as he was.

    Maybe I should have been more specific...but was referring to dilution as how diluted, or the mix ratio. I guess I'm guilty of not being extremely specific, but then again, I expected someone to answer my question without being rude.

    Next time I'll make a note of it.
  8. ted putnam

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    Look...I wasn't "coming to his aide". He doesn't need my help.

    Re-read your post again to yourself. What would you think?

    If you know what you're doing and can offer answers/help...chime in. If you don't. read the info, then ask questions. Most of the pros here do not "spoon feed" when it comes to questions on the use of pesticides. They point in the direction of knowledge and it is up to you to get it for yourself. If you don't understand it and ask specific questions, most will try to answer/ included.

    I was merely pointing out "the error of your ways". You can run around with a chip on your shoulder or you can learn from it. That's up to you.
  9. newguy123

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    I like the chip idea like you buddy Ric.

    Anyways...aren't we here to learn from each other, and help one another out? Hopefully not being rude??? I'm here to contribute, and where I can't I ask so that eventually I can contribute.

    Errors of my ways? My only error wasn't being specific enough in my question to avoid someone being rude. That's my error sir.

    And in all reality...defending my post isn't "a chip on my shoulder."

    You seem like a good dude; not trying to be rude to you, but hoping you understand my perspective as well.
  10. ted putnam

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    I do....I was wearing your shoes at one time...

    Just try to follow my advice and the road to knowledge will be less bumpy.

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