Is there a such thing as a vibration free trailer?

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by LawnEnforcement25, Oct 10, 2010.

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    i just bought a NEW 6'X12' utility trailer from Bye Rite trailers. well, the day it was brought home, my wife actually went and bought it for me as a surprise. when she arrived home the lights connector was dragging the ground. they didnt leave enough slack to straighten up. she was at an angle when the guy came out and hooked it up for her so as soon as she straightened up it unplugged and drug down the road. Well i got that issue fixed. now, i am noticing one light flickers and when i move it a little it will stay on. i have wiggled it enough to stay on so far so im guessing loose ground or something on the light itself. anyways, i have only taken it out a few times and only on the highway maybe 2 times. i notice at about 65mph, there is a very strong vibration and i think its coming from the driver side wheel but i cant be sure. i also notice at around 40-45 mph i get the same vibration only not as strong. it seems to come on and off consistently around those speeds. is this normal or is there something wrong with the axle or wheel hub or tire or what?
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    I would take it back, you should not have any problems with a new trailer. My guess is that the tire flat spotted from sitting.
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    First thing is check truck itself drive it down the road at speeds you discribed. 40 to 45 is tell tail sign of U joint going. Pulling a trailer adds to strain on joints and will amplify it. Also check wheel bearings on trailer could be they are either loose or again from sitting have a hard spot from grease not being rotated though it. Jack up trailer and spin wheels see if the tire free spins or has a slight catch in it. Also check for wobble like a loose wheel bearing. If the trailer was sitting for a long time check bearings for rust. even though its new rust can begin on them and pit bearings giving the wheel a rumbling noise. Try to figure out what is wrong before returning to dealer so you are sure they replace defective parts.
  4. LawnEnforcement25

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    thanks for all the good advice. im pretty sure its with trailer connected because i have only driven with it maybe a total of 3-4 times since i got it 4 weeks ago. a flat spot on the tire looks like a good thing to check. the website says there is a 1 year warranty on the trailer so maybe monday ill give them a call and let them know. thanks again.
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    A little known fact is that trailer tires can be out of balance too. Since they don't ever bother to put shocks on a trailer a small bit of out of balance can cause big vibrations. With shocks the vibrations can be dampened a bit so it's not as noticeable.
  6. highlander316

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    yea, most manufacturers don't balance tires either it seems. When I had new tires put on my last trailer, the tire place balanced them. What a world of difference in pulling.
  7. sehitchman

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    Empty trailers bounce all over the place, and will really amplify tire imbalance. Try letting air out of the tires, down to 18-20 lb and see if it still shakes. I've hauled new trailers and have reduced air pressure down to about 12 lb just to keep them from shaking and bouncing when transporting for dealers. Do you still feel it with a good load on it?
  8. LawnEnforcement25

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    yeah im feeling it with my trailer full of my equipment. im nowhere near the max capacity tho. i have my JD Z710A which weighs about 1050lbs, and 2 trimmers on racks, my backpack blower on a rack, a cheapo push mower and a couple gas cans. thats pretty much it. i no it was bouncy when i had it empty but im referring to its loaded status with the consistent vibration. ill bring it up to the dealer and see what they say.
  9. txgrassguy

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    I have been pulling all sorts of trailers for over thirty-five years and have yet to encounter a tire imbalance causing what you are describing.
    Not saying it wouldn't but I'd look at the tire/axle assembly alignment as measured from the trailer tongue.
    Simply take a decent tape measure and from the front of the ball recess measure to the same point on each axle - I use just inside of the hanger assembly. Do not measure to the front of each tire as this will cause a spurious measurement - you have to measure to the closest fixed point on the axle assembly.
    I've had brand new trailers out of square over 1" which caused the tires to vibrate as they wanted to go in a different direction than I was pulling. The out of alignment caused the tires to "climb" and hop which set up all sorts of weird vibration being felt in the truck - and not to mention beating the snot out of the tires.
    I have also had loose bearings cause what you describe. To check just grab each tire at the 10 and 2 position and push/pull horizontally. Watch for the rim to wiggle and listen for a clunking noise.
    Both of these are a especially severe problem when you buy a new trailer and it has used tires and rims instead of a new, matched set.
  10. LawnEnforcement25

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    ill try that too. thanks.

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