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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bluediamond, Apr 30, 2005.

  1. bluediamond

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    Here is my dilemma, I have a dodge ram 1500 pick-up and have to put all of the grass clippings in it. After a few days the grass stinks to high hell and is not fun to dump. My question is, is there an easier way to dump the grass other than raking it out? Any suggestions would be helpful.
  2. Runner

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    Just get behind it with a pitchfork and take bigger bites of it out. Start at a side, and clear yourself an "alley". Then, you can just puch out larger portions. Don't forget your broom, afterwards.
  3. o-so-n-so

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    Tarp first.....grass on top. Leave enough tarp at cab end to grab and roll clipping right off. Might have to reduce pile a little if to heavy.

    Thats what I do.
  4. paponte

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    A dump truck... nuff said. :)

    On a serious note, I'm gonna have to kill you after I give out this info. Grab yourself a piece of 3/4 plywood, and some wooden dowels or broom handles. Lay the handles sideways in the back of your bed, and put the plywood on top. when you go to dump, take your tailgate off slam it in reverse and hit the brakes. Don't let it slide all the way out though, you want it half on the truck or else you'll never get it up. then go in reverse a little more to lift the board vertical. :cool2:
  5. bluediamond

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    A dump truck would be nice if I only had the money, but for now your idea sounds good, thanks.
  6. lawnandplow42

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    doesn't have to be a true dump truck. You could put a piston kit under your normal bed, or put one of them dump bed inserts into your pickup bed.
  7. bluediamond

    bluediamond LawnSite Member
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    Also a good idea but I'm trying not to spend alot of money, at least for right now.
  8. rodfather

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    Why do you have to bag in the first place?
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