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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bobbygedd, Jul 29, 2003.

  1. bobbygedd

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    it seems we have discussed every single topic related to lawncare, over and over again, and beat it to death for that matter. is there anything left to talk about? its gotten so boring, that every thread turns into bickering and arguing. ive even resorted to telling about my love life(and no one believes me anyway) . and then elephant brain goes and posts that picture of me, after i sent it to him, and he promised he wouldnt post it. think ill take a while off from the site, hope no one misses me. later
  2. ElephantNest

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    LOL Noooooooo! Leaving? Where will you go? There's no need for you to go making enemies somewhere else, when you're so truly despised here. I agree about things being beaten to death in the forums, because newbies can't for the life of them figure out the SEARCH feature. " Do I need a new mower?" "Belt or hydro?" "Real or fake?" ooops, maybe not that one. But other sites are the same, and I've learned to simply skip over most posts that ask a ? that was posted already 3 topics down. But I still learn from here, enjoy the comradere, and also like to help out new people whenever possible, like some have done for me. And after seeing mower_babe's picture, good luck dragging me outta' here!

    See you soon, Bobby. You'll be back, and we'll be here saving your seat. ( With whoopie cushion on it of course)

  3. walker-talker

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    Don't go......bobbygedd......come back!!!!.........bobbygedd....

    Ok seriously, I believe you lovelife story....really, I do!!!

    No....really serious this time. I actually find some of your stories very humorous and breaks up some of the hum -drum threads that have been coming up lately. Yeah, you would think we have talked about everything, but you have to remember we are having more and more people join this site which brings new insight to the same 'ol subjects. I love to see others new set-ups for fall clean-ups. I enjoy hearing of others marketing campaigns....success stories as well as stories of failures.....pricing structures.....projecting a professional image (love the one Jim Lewis posted recently)....and the list goes on.

    I have to admit, the threads asking "should I get a Walker or Exmark", yes those are getting old. Maybe there should be a forum created that is titled "complaints" where we can go and talk to each other and speak out mind freely without censorship or know, "tell us how you really feel about ultimate lawn", with no fears of getting banned, but I really don't see that happening. I am bored and this all I could come up with.


    Sorry UL, you get picked on the most so your name just came to mind.
  4. Lombardi

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    The "Do a search" response is what is getting beat to death. There are new members logged on every day and they all can share their insight and personal experiences on topics that have been discussed before. If you want all newbies to just "do a search" instead of asking questions that are important to them, this will become a very boring site.
  5. Cooper Landscaping

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    I have to agreed with Lombardi on the most part, bu on the other hand there are some subjects that have absoltely been beat to death and a lot of people won't even read the threads with titles like "Exmark v. Walker" or "Mulching or bagging?" For the most part the only time i post a reply of "search" is when it will truly benefit them or if everyone else refuses to answer or even look at the thread.

  6. drobson

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    The best of both worlds would be for them to do a search first and do some reading, then they can ask more educated questions and make comments on what they have already learned.

    Although I do have to admit that when I search on some items I find information that is old and outdated. You are more likely to get quality information by posting the question directly.
  7. LawnMower

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    I guess every conversation in life has been talked about before at some point. Just not with the same people day after day, like in this forum. But the newbeez have never talked about it before.
    One of the great things about a forum, is the personal conversations. Ya, others have asked the same questions before, but it wasn't you asking them. The people were answering someone else's questions, not yours. Even if was the exact same question. Every one wants to feel special. Doing the search feature takes away the personal touch and makes ya feel less special.

    Especially the guys that mow by them self's. They cant wait to get home to jump on just to talk to someone. If I had to use the search feature after a long lonely day of not talking to anyone, I would start talking to my self. That's all fine and dandy as long as im not in the check out line somewhere talking to my self.

    The search feature is great, and I do use it all the time. But I love the personal responses to my questions even though they've been asked so many times before.

    I feel special, lol.
  8. GLAN

    GLAN Banned
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    The influx of new members keeps any topic alive.......................

    Like with everthing else...............a break is needed time to time...........See ya soon Bobby :)
  9. dvmcmrhp52

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    Why would I want to spend an hour of my time doing a search and coming up with totally unrelated subjects rather than just ask my question?It seems to me it is the self appointed know it alls that are getting boring around here.And as well I am about where bobbygedd is with this site and the constant personal attacks and bickering and whining etc.It is a great place to learn if some people would just get off their high horses.
    nuff said.
  10. GLAN

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    Ah yes dvm

    This industry is very "ME" oriented. That is why the clashing of opinions.

    I know I am guilty of it, as is everyone here. Problem is where one is not willing to accept the opinion of another. Those that have that difficulty will no doubt have some difficulty relating with their customers, and more than likely just about everyone they meet.

    Does not make them a bad person.

    It's not easy for some to grasp that another may have a better idea. Or another may be doing it all wrong. It is all in the perception of the individual. One goes through life knowing they are allways right, will most like never know or understand that they might be wrong. Let alone a better or easier way.

    Humanity is a creature of habit. Left alone repeating over and over. Then only they are correct.

    An open mind is so desperately needed in this business. Having an open mind relates directly to not performing an operation only based on the fact of the date. Nature throws curves at us all the time. One must adapt. Same goes with interelations with each other......................

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