Is there money in sealing

Discussion in 'Seal Coating Forum' started by Jamie James, Mar 27, 2010.

  1. Jamie James

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    Is there money is sealing. With all the rain days, and other guys doing it can you really make money at spraying black tar on a driveway.

    How about asphalt repair work, now I can see money in that..........

  2. shepoutside

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    There can be good money in Sealing, and Your close to Bulk Supplies ( Hamilton) so your extra lucky! Add repair, and your even more in demand.
  3. Field King

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    I have a friend who does 95% residential drives and 5% small lots and he is grossing over 100k per year, netting about 60k+, been at it 25 years though and has built a repeat business but also has to hustle new business each year as people move, sell, die etc.
  4. Asphalt/Dirt Man

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    Sealcoating is very profitable


    You have to know what you are doing. Very easy to end up spraying a car, building, etc. Rain can washing your sealer down the drain (disheartening plus a major EPA violation, not sure what agency that be in canada but i know they would frown on it haha).

    PLUS You have to make sure your surface is very clean, or your sealer will peel up and unhappy customer.

    I wouldn't focus on patching asphalt until you master Sealcoating. Sub it out. Defently offer it as a service, but I would sub it out. Much more cost for start up with less profit margin compared to sealing.

    But Sealcoating is very profitable, easy to get started, low start up cost for a company.

    Just don't assume that it is EASY to spray black tar on Asphalt. If it were easy, everybody would be doing it. Same way with paving. :hammerhead:

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