Is There More Money In Lawncare

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by ramossjr, Jul 18, 2004.

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    I know that money isn't everything but could someone please tell me if there's lots of money to be made in lawn care? I'm trying to decide between two business ventures one being lawn care and the other being a franchise business? With lawn care, I know I'll have an initial start up cost just as I would with a franchise. With lawn care if done right I won't have much overhead, but with a franchise I'll have overhead all the time. I really want to succeed with the lawn care, so it's up to me to achieve this goal! I guess I just answered my own question! Any more insight or suggestions will be helpful! Thanks in advance!:cry:
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    Nope, I have'nt made a dime in the ten years I have been doing this. LOL BIG TIME, c'mon do you think that 20,000 members here on LawnSite are not making any money.
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    They both have good points as well as bad ...

    As for which is better; That depends on the market area your in and what you personally want to invest in the buisness ...

    If you have a good buisness head on your shoulders and a good franchise to invest in, I would prolly go that route ...

    I like doing Lawn care but hate the aching back, legs , shoulders , feet , and carple tunnle :)

    Course I guess I could expand a little and hire someone..

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