Is there such a thing as too much suction??


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For my heavy leaf cleanup ( I have 12, one-hundred year old oaks on the property), I use a JD 1435 front mower, 60 inch deck and MCS-600 collection system. I feel like I have been fighting the oaks my whole life. With the heavy leaves, 18 bushel collector, 3 blade deck and impeller fan, I changed engines from 24 hp to 36 yanmar a few years back. It is a beast!
I still get some occasional clogging at the boot and tube, mostly from small sticks.
Since I have all this extra hp and I recently broke my boot, I am looking maybe to put a powerflow like fan on the deck to make the turn and blow the debris into the impeller instead of purchasing another 350 dollar boot.
Just think, 3 blades, powerflow, and impeller fan. The oaks don't stand a chance.
I would love a powerflow that also reduces volume but I don't think one is available.
Any creative people out there?