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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by skyguy, Sep 17, 2005.

  1. skyguy

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    After daydreaming a bit about mowing lawns for a living, I have to wonder if it is possible to make good money doing this. Now, I don't want to get rich, I just want to be able to pay for all the necessities. I am a single guy right now, with no significant other. I am pretty sure I could make enough doing this to provide for myself fairly easily. But, in a few years, who knows what may happen. I may be married with a kid. I am just wondering how feasible this is for a person who has a family. Can you do this and provide enough money for an entire family? Do you have to work so many hours that you don't get to spend enough time with your family?
  2. 1MajorTom

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    I think to be in ths business you need to be well rounded in what you can do. Some may disagree and there is always an exception or two, but just mowing lawns probably won't be enough if you are the sole breadwinner. You need to have other services that you can offer too, especially during the slow times when a drought comes along. Retaining walls, paver patios, mulching, hedge trimming, new bed installations, etc are things that bring the money to the table, when the grass cutting slows down. Sure you can make money at this, and have enough to feed your family, but if you are just going to only mow lawns, it will be a lot harder. We have never just relied on cutting grass.
  3. skyguy

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    I was just saying "mowing lawns" to summarize everything. I also have in mind some other things. I just want to know if this type of work can provide for a family without having to work 60+ hours a week.
  4. topsites

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    1) To answer the basic question, yes, it is enough.
    2) The first year is a bit rough, the second wasn't bad but it wasn't until this year (my 4th) that it looks like I'll break 30k gross (meaning before taxes or expenses, gross is ALL my base money put together).
    3) I must be marriage incompatible because I'll be d@mned if I'm busting my tail while some woman sits around the house gabbing on the phone getting fat and skru'd by other guys, living off my sweat.
    4) Far as work hours, this is seasonal work meaning we work our TAILS off when the money is out there and then we rest when things are slow. During spring, every day is work day from morning until dark for 2-3 maybe 4 months all I can think about is how tired I am, but the income of 5,000 per month helps. Then Jul-Aug I'm lucky I gross 2000/month and it's all I can do to not keel over in 108 degree heat while January-February there is absolutely NOTHING to do and this is the greatest job in the world where you get 2 MONTHS vacation / year but it's pre-planned and you really can't do it on YOUR time and some weeks you work a LOT more than 60 hrs/week, others a lot LESS.
  5. Gene $immons

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    lol, a little angry?
  6. Howard Roark

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    Well I would suggest reading a lot on here, perhaps the Justmowit thread. Ask yourself if these guys are making enough to support a family. After reading this you'll most likely realize the question isn't "Can it be done?" as much as "Can I do this?"

    Over 200K a year....yeah that'll support a family.
  7. dcondon

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    Yes, for a few years 60+ hours is to be expected in this business. :waving:
  8. skyguy

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    Actually, I guess 60 hours isn't so bad. 12 hours a day for 5 days is not crazy. Heck before the 40 hour work week was law 60 hours a week and more was probably the norm. And if I get married the wife will most likely work, it's just that at some point kids are a possibility and the wife's work might have to stop for a time.
  9. tyreandson

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    i also started a business this year, along with pressure cleaning for the slow times, but the pressure cleaning has taken off, phone busy as heck, and the lawn service is coming around, i was petrified at first but a little advertising has gone a long way...but so far in the past two months i have made enough to survive and it want be long till it gets busy,, next summer will be a challenge but "if it grows it must be cut,, someone's got to cut it.." might as well be us, lol, good luck

  10. twindiddy

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    Ha! My other employer is going to JAIL!

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