Is this a good deal for this skid sprayer (8 yrs old)

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    FOR SALE: A LESCO polyethylene 200 gallon Hannay Reels tank sprayer ideal for professional turf managers, landscapers, tree and ornamental specialists and pest control operators. Model #704607, manufactured 04/2000

    Features: tough, rotationally-molded polyethylene tank with molded-in gallonage markings. This heavy-duty tank is compatible with a wide variety of liquid spray solutions.

    200-gallon sprayer fits lengthwise in a compact pick-up.

    Click here for more general information on this type of sprayer:

    This tank originally purchased new for $3200, original owner. Asking $1000 or best offer.

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    Help me make a good purchase, I have never owned one of these and was considering purchasing it to supplement a PG Ultra, 30 galon nurse tank and backpacks.

    Assuming this is a good deal for an 8 year old sprayer. What should I look for when viewing it(ie things that might need to be repaired or replaced or would ware out). I would mostly use it for applying things that I cannot spray through a PG like WP's insecticides, and fungicides.
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    Looks like a good buy. Look for deep scratches/cracks in the tank, water in the pump oil(milky), engine oil is clean, weld cracks on frame, tank transparency, hose in good shape, leaky gun, starts eazy, runs good and hold preasure, ect
  4. lilmarvin4064

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    what chems did they put in it?
  5. RigglePLC

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    Grassguy is right. Start it up. Increase the pressure to well above what you will use. Does it hold pressure? Leak anywhere? Check the flow rate? Can you get 3 gallons per minute?(at least). Pumps will often need new diaphrgms, (which cost $17 each). May need new valves for pump (not expensive). Watch for any signs of freezing damage.

    Make sure electric reel works. You may have to use your battery cables.
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    honda or briggs?
    run it for a while kill it, start again run it, crank the psi up and down. Pull out the hose and reel it in a few times in case the solonoid or motor stick. Offer low and bring cash you can always come up if they say no.

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    is this important to know even if the pump checks out?

    FERT-TEK LawnSite Bronze Member
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    what do the deep scratches in the tank signify or do cracks in the tank appear as deep scratches

    how would you test to see if it would hold pressure or is this the same as making pressure

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    according to the Lesco link within the ad it is a 5.5 hp Kawasaki
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    If the reel works, the tank is good and the frame is decent you got your 1k covered. As long as the pump never froze and cracked, diaphragms are cheap and not hard to replace. Even if the motor's blown... 3-400 bucks for a new one. Sounds like it could be a good deal. I spent a thousand on just a 300gal tank from westheffer 4 years ago...just a tank.

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