is this a good deal


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TORO® Proline 32in.10.5HP B&S Model 31064 [ Up ]

Product: TOR-30164

Toro Proline mowers give reliable performance day after day, with a minimum of maintenance. 10.5hp Briggs&Stratton engine. 32in. cut. 5-speed transmission with reverse. High-lift mower blades. Smooth, 9x350-4" front caster tires. 6-inch brake drum.

Internet Price

the site is at under commericial mowers

i need some imput cuz i need a mower for this season


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Its about the same as any toro dealer will get you, if not a bit more. I would go with the bigger engine. 10.5 hp is a bit small in my opinion.

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Not really. Shop at your local dealer. You will most likely get a better price there. I like Alimia, and have shopped there in the past. But when I am buying something as important as a mower, I want to see and talk to the person I am buying it from. Dealer support is priceless. I would almost gurantee if you show your local Toror dealer that price he will beat it. Just my opinion.


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i like this one better. i am sure you can get it for about the same price. one thing to keep in mind, a velky works way better with a hydro. i personally wouldn't even bother putting one on a gear drive, although that is they way it was done in the industry before there was such a thing as hydro's.

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