Is this a good deal???


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I was in the maintenance business two years ago and got away from doing it to do more landscaping. Well, now I realize how important it is to have that steady weekly income. So, I am back to buying some lawn equipment.

A friend who has decide to go to school this year has a couple of things for sale.
He has offered me a Toro 37" W/B (about 4 years old) that's in great shape and a 5X7 trailer for $1500.
I would go ahead and buy new but I am trying not to start out in debt.

Do you think this is a good deal?


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stanfield nc
Assuming trailer is good shape with ramp.
Is wb mower behind worth a thousand or more.
Check spindle tightness crank up smoke and
smoke and perfomance under stress.As you
probably know white smoke oil, black gas.
Also are legs as able as in past.One good
thing about a walk behind is its automatic
conditioning machine.GOOD LUCK TM


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This is what I tried to explain to my "ex" partner when he was telling me to give up my mowing accounts because we were going to be soooooooo busy doing landscape installs. I knew better then and am glad I did, I wouldn't want to start over again! Steady income is better anyday, even if it isn't the big bucks you can make off installs.

As to the price of the equipment, I don't know.

Good luck in getting re-started!


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I have found the hassels of weekly grounds care get us those big installs. I WOULD take the gamble for that small an amount. Odds are good that if your venture doesnt fly you can get most if not all of your investment back.