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Is this a good deal


LawnSite Senior Member
I am looking to buy a used plow truck and i found an 88 chevy 2500 with a wetsern unimount for 4500.

The guy says he does not plow with it anymore and it is in good shape with no rust underbody. Is this a bad year and how are the trannys in the 88s. My 2wd 88 has had problems including the 700 tranny going and the fuel and water pump and little poblems like the door handles but it is a good truck and has a lot of power with the 5.7 liter. What can i look out for in a 4x4 88 and what should i ask about because i have to fly out N.Y. to get it and then drive it back!



LawnSite Senior Member
I also wanted to add that i have bought two vehicles that were too rusty and had many problems and if this one does me wrong then it will be my end to buying any used truck ever again. I just am so cautius now because of what i have been through with the other trucks.



LawnSite Member
The price sounds ok. I would be mainly interested in rust.I know Ive put several rustfree trucks on the road plowing and after one or two years you can see a cosiderable difference when compared to my two wheel drives that sit all winter.