Is this a Good Enough Pressure Washer???

Discussion in 'Power Washing' started by jonble, Mar 21, 2007.

  1. jonble

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    I could use some expert advice and is a great place for that.

    I have definitely decided to powerwash my own 2-story home, probably once per year. It is T-1 wood clapboard. Right now there is a lot of black mildew that has come on in the last 12 months with wet weather in New England. I want to avoid using a ladder and so I have been looking for a used washer with roughly these specs: 2800-3200 PSI; 2.8-3.2 GPM; good pump (General, Comet, CAT, AR, etc.); and Honda GX engine. I cannot find this in my budget.

    SO now I am strongly considering a 3 year old Pressure Washer (DESCRIBED AT THE BOTTOM) from a remodeling contractor (not a painter) that bought it new and then used it for about 30 hours. He says it runs great. Because of its specs, it is not ideal but my skeptical sense is that it will work just fine for my need. I am aware that GPM and cleaning units are important specs to consider, as well as a good pump manufacturer. I have not shared the asking price on this post bec. my sense is that it is a fair one.

    I am asking if it is powerful enough to nicely and quickly clean the mold and mildew from a 2 story, wood home. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE FOR ANY INSIGHT........

    Here it is:
    Briggs and Stratton Intek 6 HP engine
    2300 PSI
    2.9 GPM
    6670 Cleaning Units
    Mfg. General Pump (Advanced Axial CAM Pump)
    Chemical Injection System
    Adjustable Spray Wand
    Ceramic Pump Pistons
    Thermal Relief Valve
  2. jonble

    jonble LawnSite Member
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    Hi Folks,

    I see that there have been over 75 Views of this Post. Before figuring it out on my own, just one last attempt to get some feedback.

  3. Mataman

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    what exactly is the chemical injection system you listed?

    to properly address your question, what house washing solution are you using?
  4. jonble

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    Thanks mataman.

    It is the chemical injection system manufactured on the Generac unit. I know nothing more than that.

    I have since realized that I may need a unit like Xjet because the chemicals (like bleach) with a $400-700 pressure washer cannot be applied by washer (via Pump).

    As far as a house washing solution. I have heard great things about Jomax (and added bleach) and then recently heard that rinsing Jomax especially given 2nd story home cannot take a very very long time. So I may just use a 50% bleach 50% water mix instead. Still up in the air about Jomax.

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