Is this a good mower?

Discussion in 'eXmark' started by ProLandscapes, Nov 23, 2001.

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    I found a Lazer Z and was wondering if someone could tell me if it's a good machine. The mower has a 44" deck and a 17hp Kaw motor. I was kind of looking for a 60" deck and bigger motor. Can you tell me if you can upgrade motors or decks and what the cost of those might be? Also I would appreciate it if you could tell me what the cost of the machine would be new. Is it hard to switch the deck? Thanks
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    the 44 inch z turn is a zhp which has a smaller frame engine lower speed smaller tires etc. a 60 is a lazer z which has the bigger engines etc. i dont think that you can change decks from a 44 to a 60 because the frames are different. i do believe you can change engines to a 18 koh and maybe a 23 kaw (these are available on the 52 z hp) this unit sells for about 6600 if im not mistaken, it was posted before and thats the price my dealer gave me. it is a good machine and a fellow lco has one and it cuts well but it is too small for your needs and you would be better off putting the money towards a new 60 lazer z
    hope i answered everything.
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    The suggested commercial sale price for a Lazer HP 44" is $6299. It is possible to put a larger engine and a larger deck on your machine however you might find that for the investment of a new engine and mower deck it is possible that purchasing the 60" unit you want or need is the better way to go.

    The Lazer HP is only available in 44", 48", and 52" cutting widths. Converting to the 48" is rather painless. You can re-use much of your deck assembly with the exception of the spindle pulleys and the deck shell itself. You'll also need a different set of rear wheels to maintain mower stability in hilly terrain. Jumping up to a 48" may also require adding more horsepower depending upon what you are cutting. 4" may not sound like a lot but with only 17hp you may find you'll want more power. For the investment and gaining only 4" of cut again you might be better off looking at a new machine.

    If you want to convert to a 52" unit you’ll need all the same upgrades as converting to a 48" such as the deck, pulleys, wheels but you'll also need rear brake brackets, rear wheel spacers, complete front frame and definitely more horsepower. This is a substantial investment and you still don't have the 60" deck that you wanted. The 60” Lazer is our best selling riding model and as a general rule your usually money ahead buying the best tool for your needs rather than making changes, upgrades etc. to a machine that may or may not be the best machine for your needs.

    It all really comes down to your opinion and price vs. value relationship.

    Your dealer would be more than happy to sell you all the parts you need to convert the 44" model to a 48" or 52" but you would not have the full warranty of a new machine.

    Good luck


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