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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by BurkartLandscape, Dec 20, 2007.

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    I found a 2000 scag 48 walk behind belt driven advantage deck with only 15 hours on it. it is in great condition. They are asking $1850. it also includes a one wheeled velke and grassgobbler that is brand new. Do you think that price is good or should I try and get it a little lower. the guy seems like he wants to sell it. he dropped from 2000 to 1850 from his first posting...
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    Does it appear to only have 15 hours even though its 8 years old? If you think the hours are correct then you have a next to new machine, although it might be a little outdated compared to newer models. I dont have experience with belt drives but do you know how much it goes for new?? Probably about a 3500 machine brand new?? In that (1500-2k) price range you might be able to find a hydro wb but it will likely have alot more hours than the mower your looking at now. If you think hes being correct on the hours and it all checks out, put $1500 in front of him and see if he turns you down.

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    seems like a good price the hrs on it seem suspect 15 hrs in 7 years offer him 1800 cash right now see what happens. It's hard to turn down cash especially this time of year

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    No deal,buy a hydro trust me.
  5. BurkartLandscape

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    He had it as a back up. I would rather buy a hydro, but it is in great shape. I was thinking of 1500 cash and he would probably jump at it. when i talked to him he was very intent on asking if I was interested a lot. I played it cool and just said it looks nice, but i did ask him how it only has 15 hours on it. he said some residential owned it and sold it back to the dealer and he bought it 2 years ago ago and put 5 hours it to make a total of 15.
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    If he dropped that much I would offer him 1,500 and you will both settle for 1750 or so....its common sense... dont matter if its a good deal or not its how much of a better deal you can get it for...
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    Well if it's been sitting outside then it's aged, low hours or not, and most Wb's don't come with an hour meter...
    It just seems odd to me how he knows the actual hours, best I can do with mine is an educated guess...

    If it doesn't look almost brand spanking new then first it means nothing, second I don't particularly
    care for the low hours claim, more so if it can't be verified... Even if it has an hour meter that is
    likely after market and who knows who or when it was installed...

    But they do cost about 3500 new (that's with the velke AND the tax, you can probably almost get a bagger too).

    Now I've got pictures of one of mine, and this one has a light season's use on it,
    maybe 80-100 hours, 200 at the most... For comparison purposes this is my '05 around
    it's first birthday, sure it just got washed but the only way I would believe
    it had 15 hours on (if you have to wash it fine) it better look like this:



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    link did not work for me
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    i put a new link with it try again. sorry

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