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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Snappy, Apr 2, 2003.

  1. Snappy

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    Ive been in need of a Walkbehind for some Time, Im looking into trading my JohnDeere Rider for a Gravely 17hp Belt Drive with a 48" Floating Deck and its Electric start... The Price on the WB is $3099 and they only have one... There looking to give me $2000 for my 1999 GT225 that i Paid over $4100 for but ive made that amount back since then just cutting 3 Lawns..

    Im trying to approach this in a More professional Manner this Year and i think this is the way to Start... Anyone think that this is a Good Deal? I have to Fork over $1187.00 + My Mower.. I feel that the only way to go Professional is with nothing less than a Walk behind and Maby a Z Later on..

    Any Ideas?
  2. MN Wildwood

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    You say in your post that you only have a few lawns (3 is what is mentioned). I am wondering what other reasons you have other that to look more "professional", why trade in if you are able to do your properties you have with what you have. I see no need to pay money for larger equipment unless you truly have the work for it.
    Professionalism is not only in equipment size, but in how you present yourself, what image you show to your customers. Do you standard apparel you wear, what is your vehicle & trailer like, etc.
    There are many unknown questions that go along with your post interms of should you or should you not buy the mower. Simply if you can handle your accounts with what you have, why upgrade? (you mention you have needed one for a while, but only say you have 3 accounts?)

    Maybe some other companys can help me out with suggestions.
  3. Bergbigler Lawn Care

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    MN, I agree with your post. There is know need to go out and buy equipment if you do not have the work for it, especially if you are getting the work done now with what you got. My suggestion is just save your money for new equipment for a time when you will NEED it and this will keep you away from having to finance. Like MN mentioned there are other ways to look professional such as: Quality of your work, your appearance, cleanliness of equipment that you have, dependabilty, communication skills,etc...
  4. BobR

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    Only you know your position and what you are attempting. If I was in the position you have described I would keep the riding estate tractor and start banking my money. Work toward getting more accounts and when you reach the point of needing additional productivity pop for a new Z and a midsize walk behind or just the Z, again you have to be the judge.. If projecting an image is your goal there are less expensive measures that can be taken, neat equipment, neat appearance, professional workmanship and being courteous to name a few.
    Good Luck

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