Is this a good tiller?

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by carco, Jul 20, 2009.

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    Hi everyone,

    I do side work mostly on weekends or days off installing sod and irrigation. I found this tiller with trencher a trencher attachment. I have rented it before at a local rental yard and was satisfied with it.

    Has anyone heard or used one of these? I thought tilling and trenching with the attachment would save on purchasing a separate trencher. A sod stripper for installing irrigation in existing lawns is also available. They come with either a B&G or Honda engine. They seem to be well built and solid. It costs around $1050. Each attachment runs $300. And it is available to trench 6" or 8" deep and 3" wide.

    I would appreciate any thoughts and feedback.

  2. foreplease

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    I have tried front tine tillers and found them much harder to use than rear tine. The best indicator is your own experience. If you have rented it and were satisfied that is a good sign.
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    What rear tine tillers have you used that you liked? Like I said, I mainly do side work and most jobs are about 500sqft-2000sqft.
    I am thinking about purchasing the Yard Marvel because of the attachments available and cost savings vs. a separate tiller/trencher combo. Is there a separate mini trencher that you know of too that is decently priced?

  4. foreplease

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    Currently I have a Troy-Bilt "Pony" electric start that I use for gardening and some infield dirt work on baseball fields. I used to have an older model Troy-Bilt that was stolen a couple years ago. It was larger than the current "Pony" but not quite as large (or involved) as the current "Horse" model.

    I never had any other attachments for it and am not sure Troy-Bilt offers any. After my first one was stolen I seriously considered a BCS. They are much more expensive than mine or Yard Marvel but offer many attachments, power to spare, great design, etc. I have a couple tractors and many implements and decided to go with a more modest roto-tiller since I can tackle more demanding jobs with a tractor. You might want to take a look at BCS though just to get an idea of what is available on the high end.

    I have done a lot of work with tillers but not the kinds of things you want to do. Good luck.

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