Is this acceptable behavior from a new dealer?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lawnsaspire, Feb 19, 2014.

  1. lawnsaspire

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    I have a Scag v ride which I bought from a dealer in Iowa a few years ago. Last year the local motorcycle shop started carrying and servicing scags. Well there really aren't any scags to service as far as I know I have the only one in town other than a fellow lawn man who just bought a used walk behind on craigslist last fall. The mower was bought with problems and he took it into the new scag dealer to get fixed. He just told me that it's been in there for 3 months and he hasn't heard a thing from them. We both agreed that this was crazy, even though it is winter.
    So I went in and visited the service manager yesterday to ask about parts availability and such. I noticed that my friend's mower was still sitting in the shop. I gave the service manager a little speech about how if their going to start servicing and dealing mowers that lawncare guys can't wait around forever for their stuff in so many words. Now, I am a very straightforward and forthright person and this rubs some people the wrong way, but I found the service manager's comments thereafter very upsetting. He said " well I know how you lawn guys are. You drop stuff off and say you want your mowers fixed in 20 minutes. If anyone comes in here and expects to get their mower back that fast, I'm going to send their ass down the road. ". I told him the only reason I bring it up is bc my friend was complaining about them having his mower for so long and not hearing anything from them. His response was that it was because he kept calling them telling them to do more things to his machine. I checked with him and he said this was not true. My initial response to the guys attitude was to continue with my dealer that is over an hour away as long as I have the mower. The mower is currently for sale but even if I sell it, I don't think I'll ever go back in there again. Is this an overreaction, or is this really as terrible attitude from a new dealer wanting to get business as I felt like it was? Remember, I didn't say anything about wanting to get the mower back in 20 minutes. I was talking about getting things back in a reasonable amount of time.
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  2. lawnsaspire

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    I must add. We only have 2 dealers in the area and while I do favor the toro dealer, I have yet to find a dealer that actually goes out of their way to help you. It really makes me wonder if Better Outdoor Products might return as promised by Gary Partridge recently. Even though I felt that they have some improvements to make on their product, I felt that they had better service than dealer I've ever bought from.
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  3. 360lawncare

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    Sounds like they won't be around long.
  4. MRCo.

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    Sounds like a guy who wants to go out of business. There was a shop like that in my town and guess what? He's gone and I'm growing nicely....
  5. ducnut

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    Seems like the going attitude, at the dealer end, of this industry. It's truly a shame. Dealership experience is a bigger part of my purchase decision than brand.

    The bigger issue is the mowers are a secondary business to the motorcycle side. When the warm weather is steady and bikes are on the road, you can forget about getting your mower worked on.
  6. MRCo.

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    Ducnut has a point, if mowers are secondary and this is his approach, good luck. I meet all sorts of other dealers with this attitude and cannot fathom it...
  7. lawnsaspire

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    This is a great point. And probably why he didn't mind talking to me like that. I plan on talking to his superior about his attitude, especially if I move my Scag. I've really started to take notice of terrible attitudes from a lot of people in business in the past year or so. It seems like no one has time for you and you're just a face in the crowd to most business owners. This gives people who put their customers first the upper hand in the lawn care field for sure as folks will surely notice the difference when we treat them like they are the only person on earth, within reason of course.
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  8. Greyst1

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    I have a dealer local to me that sells bikes, atvs, mowers, handhelds, etc... They do a decent job in the service dept for us scapers. I would show him this thread, it may change his tune, speak with your wallet. Other than warranty work, and OEM components parts (frame, deck, decals), one can maintain their own equipment better, cheaper and quicker. That dealer sounds like a jerkoff!
  9. Exact Rototilling

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    A biker shop as a SCAG dealer...? Seems odd to me.

    Sorry the dealer support issue is SO over rated to me.
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  10. MILS

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    The dealer I use actually has everything from car lots to a feed store. They sale 3 brands of mowers, Bad Boy, Cub Cadet and Dixie Chopper.

    When I take a mower in for service they let me use a demo mower if I need to.

    Now on the bad side, sometimes it takes days for them to even look at my equipment. Their service department stays swamped.
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