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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by turfman59, Nov 6, 2002.

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    When hooking up a valve to a poly main line, all i have been doing is cutting the main in half, installing a 1.25" Insert by Insert by Fpt then threading the valve directly into the fitting. with teflon tape. I am using a Hunter 1" jar top valve Mpt by Insert. I just changed a valve for a customer today and noticed the contractor used a SRV valve FPT by FPT and used an additional Mpt fitting to move the valve and box approximately 10 to 12 inches away from the main line isnt this adding to many fittings or is it because of ease of installation? We both use Poly main lines.

    Also consulted my JDL sales associate today on using swing joints for installs on residential props he thought that it was over kill, but said he would use them on athletic fields or commercial applications.

    Also why do some contractors bury the controller wire so tight to the valve box that you have to check connections inside the box.
    I have always been adding extra wire so the connections can come outside the box to check connections ect... I hate having to stand on my head all the time... Maybe they know something I dont?? Bruce
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    I use nothing but pvc for main. The friction loss is so much better than in poly. We use 1" slip x slip valves with a 4.5" piece of pvc on each side of the valve before the fittings. It gives us rooom to cut if needed in the future AND it makes it easy to center the box on the valve.

    It must be a pain to install a box with the valve tight to the main.

    It is foolish not to install a swing joint or swing pipe assembly. You will curse yourself if someone else doesn't when service is needed in a few years.

    I allow in my estimate for a 6' of wire to make a loop for each valve. I like a 12"-18" up out of the box so you can sit on the ground or a bucket and wire this stuff. If you so concerned about not cheaping out on wire why you still avoiding a swing pipe assy? You customers can afford it. It is not money out of your pocket.
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    I agree.....we pay $1.20 for a swing joint. Who cares? Makes life easier when installing too. No need to get all the other joints perfect so the head will sit perfectly level. With swing joints you can level them much easier.

    As for the wire, we do the same. Usually make coils of wire tight around a screw driver or something so it neatens the box.
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    PVC vs Poly 1.25" Main Line at 18 gallons per minute

    PVC is 1.88 psi loss per 100ft
    Poly is 2.13 psi loss per 100ft

    I dont think this is a large amont of difference,
    The swing joints are a good idea. I will implement on my next install but i keep coming up with a higher price than what you keep quoting to put it toegether. I guess I have been trying to cut down to much on parts, Moving the valve box out 10 or so inches doesnt seem to me that it makes it any easier, but will try it a couple of times.. you just have to dig a bigger hole.
    thanks for your posts..

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