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is this bagger any good

grass disaster

LawnSite Gold Member
sunny minnesota
looking at getting somethting simple for my walkbehind.

i have the full unit for my rider but thought this would come in handy for some light/small jobs

about how much are they?

have a 48" tthp

how easy is it to put on and off



LawnSite Senior Member
It comes in 2 parts the shield and the actual bag itself. I usta work for a company that had them, the sheild takes 2 seconds to put on and then you put the bag on the sheild, which takes another 2 seconds. You can mow with the shield on and not bag but it's annoying to just have it there sometimes. I'm not sure how much they are but they rip pretty easy because all the ones I've seen are always ripped. The only reason I would take one of those over an accelerator is because they are soft so you can go over stuff and the bottom will just come up.


LawnSite Fanatic
Flint, Michigan
These factory baggers are simply awesome. They are so simple to use, have decnt capacity, and are lightweight. As far as the tearing, it depends on if you take easonable care with them or not. I have one that is 5 years old and has lasted me just fine. I know others who have old ones that are fine, too. I also know people who have some that have tron. They happen to be the same operations that a whole bunch of OTHER equipment gets tore up, too. Coincidence?


LawnSite Member
Newbury, OH
I have one like that on my lesco but the back corner of the shield sometimes tears up the grass when it gets more than half full. Anyone have a solution to this?


LawnSite Member
jackson nj
its a good bagging system for dry grass only. if u use it on wet or damp grass it cloggs in the space between the deck and bag and doesnt fill completely with wet grass either. not good on big lawns either because it fills to quickly. if u r going to use it on dry small lawns get it.


LawnSite Fanatic
McMurray, PA
I have an Exmark 36" Viking, with both a Grass Gobbler and a soft bagger as shown in the picture. I started with the GG, but got the soft bagger because it was lighter in weight. I've switched back and forth. The GG is "dirty" when mowing is dry, but it is built to contain all clippings. The soft bagger will have an entire side of loose debris when it is taken off the backing plate. That is fine when a dumping point is easy at hand. However, when bagging in a gated back yard, and the bagger must come off to pass through the gate, the soft bagger cannot be easily reattached because debris may fall out. Very careful handling, ... and it may work. The GG (or other self-contained units, such as Accelerator) don't have this problem. The bagger can be turned sideways, on end, etc, and the debris will remain inside.

I always had trouble with the soft bagger in damp/wet grass collecting debris in the front, bottom area. The discharge opening on my mower is set back about 2 inches from the front of the bagger (before it starts the curve toward the rear). This small area will collect debris, and start to clog the opening before the bag is full.

Also, my GG will load from the rear toward the front, better than the soft bagger. I have never had problems with the soft bagger tearing. Yes, the bottom has some scrapes, but nothing that impedes usage.

I wish I had an Accelerator to try for a couple of days. The lighter weight is appealing! The GG full of damp grass is too heavy to handle for me.

I'm sure everybody has different experiences.


LawnSite Member
north east
I have the smaller type accelerator and have had no problems. It fits my exmark 48 metro, fits my sarlo walk-behind, a bracket was made for the sarlo mower, and fits my exmark turf ranger 60 inch deck. For the turf ranger it is a little small but it works.