Is this Brown Patch or Pythium Blight

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    My lawn was in great shape this spring and then all of a sudden I have numerous brown patches popping up all over.

    I live in Charlotte and Turf Files has issued 2 alerts in the past two weeks - one for Brown Patch and one for Pythium Blight.

    I've looked at the pictures for both and read the conditions that cause both of these and they seem extremely similar. In looking at the pictures on Turf Files I can't tell the difference. Attached are pictures of these brown spots on my lawn.

    I guess this doesn't have to be either of the two diseases mentioned above but I'm thinking that if Turf Files is posting alerts there is a good chance that I have one of these.

    We've had a ton of rain lately (9 inches in 5 days last week) and it has been in the low to mid 90"s almost everyday and night time temps average 65 and above.

    I had my soil tested this spring and everything was fine (copy attached). I have an irrigation system with a rain sensor and with the heavy rainfall it has rarely gone on in the past few weeks. We mow at 4" height.

    My question is how do I prevent this from spreading and will this grass grow back or do I have to wait until September when I aerate and over seed.

    Any insight and recommendations are appreciated.

    FYI - the hole in the center of the patch in the second pix was created by one of our many neighborhood squirrels.



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    I see dollar spot on one of those blades.

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