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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by, Mar 26, 2005.

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    Ok guys, just sitting here at work today (Laudromat) and kinda bored. In my travels and looking at a lot of other jobs out there.....With larger commercial properties, plaza's, big box you guys all cut the hell out of the grass till you're pretty much walking on dirt? I can't seem to figure out why the big guys up here handling these places seem to cut the grass down to a 1/2" even though they cut it every week.
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    We cut at 3 1/2" in spring and 4" in summer on cool season. Dont think I have a commercial mower that will cut at 1/2"
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    Pretty much the same here for us.
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    pretty much the same here, too. The lowest my mower goes down to is 1 inch, but i can't see who would use that.
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    Same here for us-with competition like that you can take over quickly!
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    Cut down to 1/2 inch? Keep doing that and there won't be any grass left to cut.
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    The 1/2" was an exageration (spelt wrong?) but a few of them seem to butcher the grass into nothingness. August rolls around and they are out there mowing pretty much nothing...just going through the paces. Maybe come supper I'll go take my measuring tape and see if I'm way off or not.
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    Actually we spray the entire lawn with vinegar every month that way we don't have to use any equipment...and yes we still charge for 5 visits a month... payup
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