Is this contract ok or not?

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  1. willslawncare

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    Landscape Maintenance Agreement

    Name: ________________________________________
    Date: ________________

    Address: ______________________________________
    Phone: ________________

    1. The purpose of this Agreement is to set forth the terms and conditions under which Jernigan Lawn Care & Landscaping (hereinafter called “Contractor”) will provide landscape maintenance service for Customer at the above address.

    2. Contractor agrees to perform the following services as outlined in the Landscape Maintenance Plans listed below. Service under this agreement will be provided:
    ÿ Weekly ÿ Biweekly

    Service will include:
    ÿ Mowing ÿ Trimming ÿ Edging ÿ Blowing ÿ Mulching* ÿ Fertilizing ÿ Seeding ÿ Aeration ÿ Pruning ÿ Bush/Hedge Maintenance ÿ Lot Clean up ÿ Weeding  Plant Maintenance*  Fencing*  Tree Services*
    * Items with asterisk may require additional explanation of service

    3. Contractor is Fully Insured. Contractor will Furnish labor and equipment necessary to perform all services. Customer will be charged for all material used such as Mulch, Seed, Fertilizer ect...

    4. Customer agrees to promptly notify contractor in writing of any dissatisfaction with the maintenance service to insure that maintenance is performed as agreed.

    5. Customer shall pay Contractor at the rate of $ ___________ per Month for the service herein agreed to be performed. Payment shall be made as agreed upon by both parties.

    6. The terms of this Agreement shall commence on _______________ and shall continue in full force until _______________ .

    7. Contractor Guarantees that it will perform its service in a Professional manner. Should Customer’s plantings be damaged by and/or failure of Contractor to fulfill its obligation under this Agreement, Contractor shall repair or replace such damaged plantings. Contractor shall not be liable for any damage due to inclement weather, insects, or other uncontrollable situations.

    8. This Agreement is a Binding Contract that shall be governed by the laws of North Carolina.

    Jernigan Lawn Care & Landscaping Customer

    _____________________________ ______________________________________
    Contractor’s Name: Customer’s Name:
    Start Date: _________________ End Date: ____________________

    ZKSLAWN LawnSite Senior Member
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    From the couple business courses and business law classes i took it definitely seems very professional to me. But than again i'm no expert.
  3. bohiaa

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    correct me if I'm wrong, But are you going to use this as a monthly agreement ?

    If so, you dont have anywhere, on how many times you will provide service.
  4. mgt379

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    You might want to word the services diffrently because that way makes it seem like you are going to perform those services every time
  5. otis

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    I dont understand maintenance contracts, I have been mowing for 27 years have had many customers for over 25 years. I mow. They pay. I do my best job and no one questions my bills and 90 percent pay within 10 days, ( I have over 130 residential lawns) I dont get it.
  6. CkLandscapingOrlando

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    My contracts spell out every thing. Mow dates, height, and what happens in the event of rain. What gets edged and how often. All the way down to quality control and cancelation. 3 pages for every thing.

    I only use contracts for comercial
  7. grandview (2006)

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    I agree too. If people can walk away from a half million dollar house what's 25 bucks to them.
  8. LouisianaLawnboy

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    Your contract is confusin and scary to a consumer.
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  9. DJ'sLawnCareSvc

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    Any large commercial job is going to look for pinpoint accuracy as to what to expect from you, the more precise the agreement is, the less chance there is for discrepancies.
  10. Kennedy Landscaping

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    Looks good, just those minor changes.

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