Is this contract okay?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by zackvbra, Dec 1, 2012.

  1. zackvbra

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    I revised my old contract, which was pretty crappy, and tried to make this one a little more professional and clearer than the old one. I attached both the lawn maintenance contract & information form and the work order form for extra services. any ways what do you think? any suggestions before I start giving these to my future clients?

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  2. Kkane97

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    Fix your space bar...

    All joking aside, the first one has multiple typos where spaces are needed in between words and periods. They seem pretty good to me and should suit you properly
  3. zackvbra

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    Could you direct me to the words that need spaces? I'm looking on there and I can't find mistakes in spacing.
  4. Kkane97

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    I highlighted the areas that I added spaces for ya :D

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    DLONGLANDSCAPING LawnSite Bronze Member
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    This is what i have been using for quick invoices, not really a contract, but an agreement for lawn mainteancne.

    Its not perfect but its a 3 part carbon copy. White, pink, and yellow. I give the yellow one to the customer, pink one goes in our records for a work order, and white is filed. After the job order is completed we will mark with a time stamp, on it, completed and put it in our, completed(but not paid pile).... A formal invoice is sent out to the customer via quickbooks and then once they pay we will file away under paid jobs and mark the invoice paid on quickbooks and our pink copy.

    We put the terms of service, payment information and the customer signature in the (TERMS) space provided.

    This ensures us if quickbooks ever fails, we have a backup and the original to look at.

  6. KrayzKajun

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    Dlong, would you mind emailing me that file. If you wouldnt mind.
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  7. zackvbra

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    That is wierd. I did not attach that file like that with those spacing mistakes. The one i have on my computer does not have those mistakes, or the letter heads messed up like they are. Thats strange.
  8. Kkane97

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    I just downloaded the one you uploaded :dancing:
  9. NC Greenscaper

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    This doesn't sound good, "Client must understand that we may experience difficulties that are out of our control, and may not be able to make it to your property on schedule sometimes." How about just making a statement, "We may not be able to make to your property as scheduled sometimes due circumstances beyond our control, weather etc.

    Just wondering to about the lawn maintenance specifications, do you mow without trimming, edging and blowing. I can't imagine anyone wanting their property mowed but not trimmed, edged and blown. Also, do you want to service a customer "twice per month" or biweekly? They are two different things. Just wondering.

    I like the form posted by Delong. You may want to look into that.
  10. Rvldesign

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    We have the same forms as delong but with our info of course. Works really well for us
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