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    hello all:)

    thanks for all the advice on the 12/2 and daisy chaining that i was going to do. below is a pic of my house and what i am going to do after reading and research. the purple blotch is the 300 watt transformer coming off that is the black line to the left which is the 12/2 wire approx 25 ft i am going to run that to the center of the four red marks which are 35 watt wall washes, from that run (i think this is what you guys call a hub?) i am going to run 4 separate wires to each fixture. then the black line to the right is another run approx 25 ft also to the center of the three red marks which represent 2 more wall washes and one spot for the tree from that run (hub?) i am going to run three more wires to each fixture.
    here are my other questions,
    1. at the transformer do i put both wire runs into the 12v connector on transformer or cut one short wire into transformer and connect the two runs to the short wire?
    2. when i run the wires from each hub to the fixtures do these need to all be the same length or not. the area between fixtures is approx 10 ft so what length do the wires need to be so i dont have voltage drops on the wires to the fixtures.

    i know this is a bad drawing but it is the best i can do and this is the setup i would like to try out to start.

    thanks to all
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    1. Put both home runs into the same tap if you only have a 12v output. If you have a multi tap transformer, then check the voltage after everything is on to ensure you have between 10.8 - 11.5 at the fixtures. If its below 10.8, move it up to the 13v tap. For the run on the right, you can just make your hub at the center fixture and include that fixture wire when making the connection.
    2. When installing a hub system, you will get the most accurate results if all fixture leads are the same length. Because of the short distance, however, I don't think you need to concern yourself with doing this. The difference in voltage drop is going to be so small it isn't worth bothering.
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    Chris offered sound advice here! He is right on.....

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