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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by RyanA97, Apr 14, 2014.

  1. RyanA97

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    So I underestimated a mulch/yard cleanup job for this lady. I quoted her at $450 for 45 bags of mulch and the yard cleanup which involved bed prep and trimming about 30 feet of pampas grass. I already have 8 hrs in for the cleanup and still have to put down the mulch with a helper. Upon my many trips to the local dump, I noticed the mulch available for free to residents is nice quality double shredded. They make it at the dump. I've decided to save my self about $300 in bagged mulch and go with the free bulk stuff from the recycle center.
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  2. danieljoohn18

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    Why don't you buy the mulch by the yard. would help recoup some of the costs
  3. RyanA97

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    I'm getting free mulch this way that is pretty good quality so know I will profit more
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  4. whiffyspark

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    No worth the headaches. Their mulch is made with anything they bring to the landfill. Can be pallets tire etc

    45 bags of mulch is only 5 yards at the most. You should be able to buy it for $25 a yard
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  5. Snyder's Lawn Inc

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    LOL Free mulch is a mix of all trees and you will get Free termites to what a deal to the customer
  6. Tropical Gardens

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    12) 2 cu. bags= 1 yard (per my suppliers)
    45 bags is 3.75 yards at a cost of a little over 125
    Do the job with no helper..take the loss and make it up on the next one. If they are happy with the completed job, push for referrals from them. Offer 25 dollar restaurant gift card for each referral that gets work done over 500 dollars.
    Never half ass a job when you made the mistake and believe me, the recycle facilities mulch would be half assing the job
  7. AMW Landscaping

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    Seems like you under quoted the clean up. If that can save you the money and help you make a little more than do that. It is gonna be crappy mulch tho.
  8. Mxrider52

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    Yep just now seen this thread and sure enough I had just responded to your other thread you had originally started about this project. I pretty much could tell by the way you worded the original thread that you were going in way underpriced. But I guess you have to learn somewhere. You just have to eat it now. You cannot half ass a job because it is going to cost you money. The only money you will have in it is the cost of mulch plus your fuel to drive. I dont know if your local dump lets you dump for free or not. You should still come out about even on this job if you priced the right amount of mulch. You will just be working for free. If you try to half ass it now it will bite you. You dont want it to be known as the guy who cheaped out on the project. It will cost you your reputation and from sounds of it you are just starting out in this. You can only build your business by good work. We all have at some point underbid a project. It is a learning lesson for everyone.
  9. M&L

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    Aint that the truth. There is a place around here that has free mulch. The wood part looks nice, but Its like a 60/40 blend of hiway mulch with McDonalds cups and cigarette butts.

    Really, instead of trying to save this project, I'd recomend learning from it. Time different areas even. Set a good per yard price for mulch and deco barks, then learn how long it takes to clear flowerbeds depending on how bad they are. Bid the next job and make money.

    IMO, The bags suck for any kind of volume
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  10. Take this job on the chin. Its a shitbag route with the free mulch. Give them what they paid for. Dont be that guy.

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