Is this dishonest?

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by RyanA97, Apr 14, 2014.

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    Getting mulch from the dump presents many problems. For one, they make that mulch out of ANYTHING that comes in there, meaning for all you know there are pieces of old rubber tires to brush from spring cleanups. Second, and probably the biggest issue is this mulch is not treated AT ALL. You will basically be opening your customers home to termites and other unwanted pests. My advice, take the hit on this job or not make as much profit, buy the mulch from a reputable mulch dealer and have a happy customer.
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    If you really have to ask if its dishonest, then you already know it is.
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    I don't know but I can tell you 45 bags is nowhere near even 5 cubic yards.
    I think 45 bags might be 3 cubic yards on a really good day, 2 every other.

    This is why I said, customer pays for mulch AND delivery.

    I like that answer.

    Big No-no on the free county dump mulch, when everybody here has the same opinion, you can take that to the bank.
    At this point, the only way to 'save' any money is to buy it by the cubic yard.
    That would still be real borderline in terms of honesty, but at least you could get some decent color-treated stuff that's just like the bagged, so to speak.
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    3 ft cubic bags is exactly 5 yards

    3 is they're two
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    Are you including 'many' trips to the dump in that 8 hours?

    Boy, what they're saying is right, it hurts and it brought me to tears when I was new, but take it like a man and do what's right.

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