Is This Enough Fert?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by clallen03, Dec 11, 2006.

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    I just renovated my lawn with fescue in the fall and it is really full and green. This year I'm planning to offer fert service to my customer so I'm trying to get a feel for it by starting on my lawn. I use a lesco spreader and lesco fert, Post-M, and Pre-M. I have set it with the calibration keys so as far as I know Im ready to go.

    My question is this.....If it takes 10 passes to cut the front lawn with a 36" Exmark, how many passes do I make the lesco spreader? I know I have to apply 1 pound of N per 1000 sqft but it is a bit difficult to to break this lawn down by 1000 sqft and break down 1 pound of N out of a 50 pound bag of fert.

    Can someone tell me a easy way to figure this out?


    PS. I do have my pesticide applicators license.
  2. olive123

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    your lesco spreader comes with keys that sets the right amount to apply. a bag of 16-4-8 will tell you whick key to set the spreader setting at. Then when applying its similar to spraying. watch your overlap, walking speed etc.
    you could always offer a service to0 a customer or better yet a friend with a large yard. Mark off say 16000 sq ft. and apply a bag of 16-4-8. set the keys
    use you best judgement on walking speed and watch to see there is only small overlap. Your not giong to burn the lawn.
  3. TurfProSTL

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    :rolleyes: You might want to brush up on the section on calibration.....
  4. sclawndr

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    Stick to mowing. If you have an applicators license and still don't know anything about calibration, then your state should be ashamed of itself.
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    Oh Boy................
  6. JoeinJasper

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    Read the package of fert. It will tell you the settings. Set the calibration to half the recomended setting, then go over the lawn twice in crossing directions. This will help eleminated 'hot spots' or missed areas. As you apply, make sure you over lap to the last tire mark, this will also help give even coverage. Also be careful when you open or close the shut-off, don't let the fertilizer spill because a pile of fertilizer will burn the grass for most of the season. Joe
  7. you hit it on the nail
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    Do you know how to figure what the N is in a bag? The numbers on the bag are percentages of weiight of the nutrients in the bag. A common fertilizer would be 32-5-3 with 32% of the bag being N. If the bag weighs 100lbs you would have 32lbs of N. but it weights 50lbs so you have 16lbs of N. Divide 50lbs by 16lbs and you would get a little over 3. To get 1 lb of N per M or (1000sqft) you would spread aprox 3lbs of fertilizer of the 32-5-3 per M. If you have your license you should review some of the study material. This is fertilzer 101 stuff. How many passes with your spreader......I think it would be about 8' to 10' wide a pass. Don't use lesco spreaders, but I think that is about average for their rotary spreaders. You have to know how many sqft in a lawn so you know if you are applying too much or too little product. Lawn treatments involve a lot of math. Dry and liquid measurements, geometry and basic math skills. Not trying to be a smartass, but if you don't have these skills maybe you should consider a different profession.

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