Is this enough motor in this truck?

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by alldayrj, Oct 31, 2013.

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    I would not be afraid of those miles, IF, it has the DT466. I suspect it only has the DT444. Why, do I think that you ask? Because he did not mention the engine model, and, most trucks with the DT466, have a "DT466" emblem on the side of the hood or on the cowl area.
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    RJ, Righthook is a galbreath hoist. It is just the model name I think. Both of our hook trucks have galbreath right hook hoist, and they have been very good to us. Typically the smaller hook hoist go for about $1 per pound of capacity. IE: 20k hook is going to go for around $17-20K, 30k hook is going to go for $25-30k.

    As far as is that enough motor?? I think you answered your own question. I would never take a 4 banger out of a ranger and put it in an f-350 so why on earth they ever took the engine out of a dodge pickup and put it in a truck that can gross upwards of 33k is beyond me. Ever one that I know that has had a truck with the old 5.9 say they are turbo eaters. They have that motor crancked up within and inch of its life and it is still a dog.
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    The 5.9 big truck engine is different than the 5.9 pickup engine. I don't know the difference off hand, but I do know there is a big difference. My landlord has one that he put in his 5500 chevy Kodiak. He hauls a gooseneck and a 80hp jcb backhoe or a 60hp cat hydro-hoe with zboom. I would think truck, trailer he would be at around 30-35k actual weight loaded. Yes its slow, but it will tow. He also has a 70's dump truck and I think it has a 20 yard dump and it only has a 396 v8 in it. That 396 had made from factory for torque. It depends on the tranny too.
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    I'll probably go look at it since it can't hurt. Hopefully we can load it down and try it out. I don't plan on being loaded and towing at the same time. That will still probably fall on the red truck. It's the only one in my price range unfortunately. These hooks really hold their value and I don't want another truck older than me
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    All of the med duty trucks will have a 5.9 cummins, dt 466 or a C7 Cat. You can get some trucks that have a Heavy duty style cab on a single axle that will have Heavy dut style engine but they are hard too find. The Cummins is more than enough motor and can be turned up in power and be reliable.Most of the late 90 Cummins where only 180 or so HP. I would drive the truck first and depending on gearing and convertor stall speed it may work for you. Who knows what the truck was originally used for.
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    I'm just going by the rule of "there's no replacement for displacement" so a 5.9 against a 7.6l 466 seems like a no brainer but like we said, I'm going to drive it before taking the option off the table
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    Turbos make up for displacement. The 5.9 had a max rating of over 300 hp before it was upsized in 2008 or so.
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    savAtree runs a very clean and very professional business(most of the time). Due to how new all there trucks are, i could see them just wanting to get rid of it to make way for something newer and more uniform.

    That being said it should run well and if i were in the market for something like that i would go look at it.
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    Thanks deerewashed, appreciate the insider info. Now I'm even more excited
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    The motors are nothing like the light duty 5.9. You'll be fine. A lot has to do with the gearing and stall. I'm sure it'll work for you
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