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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Jon99, Jun 29, 2002.

  1. Jon99

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    Like I have said before, since my job was eliminated a few weeks ago I have been working part time for a guy mowing a few days a week while planning my start up business for next year.. I usually work solo and with a truck with no signs on it, yesterday I had a gentleman that lived across the street from where I was mowing come over and ask me for a business card and rough estimate on his yard, said he was looking for someone to mow his yard next year.. It would have been very easy to say "Well I am starting a business in the spring, I would love your business and would do the yard for $20", but instead I gave him a business card for the guy I work for and went about my business... Would it have been unethical to promote my business on my bosses dime????
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  3. 65hoss

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    Yep! Remember what goes around, comes around.
  4. MOW ED

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    Ethically you did the right thing. You only encountered this gentleman because your boss has given you an opportunity to work. You would not have been there otherwise. There are guys who would say you should have taken the job.

    Do yourself a favor and tell the boss that you gave a card out for his buisiness. In the future he may pass some work your way. Just put yourself in his shoes and ask yourself what you would want the employee to do. I admire your honesty.
  5. Jon99

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    Any thoughts if my response would have been "Here is my bosses card and next year I am starting a business of my own, here is my number. You see the quality of work I do and the quality of work he expects, either way I feel the job you get will be of exceptional quality and value".

    I have to admit, being a new guy next year I will really need the accounts and it was very hard to bite my lip, but the guy I work for has always been a straight shooter to me. As hard as it was, I thought he deserved the same consideration..
  6. awm

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    when u working for the other man ,
    your efforts should be in his interest.
    in your position ,im not sure i would
    have done that. but u did the rightr thing.. my compliments
  7. Sean Adams

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    I definitely agree with everyone. You did the right thing. This guy you are working for now could really be a big part of growing your business next year. You'll see that your competition can also be your greatest ally.
  8. Kent Lawns

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    Tortuous Interference.

    That's the legal description of the wrongdoing that you pondered.

    You did the right thing: you don't want to mow lawns for $20 anyway!
  9. FrankenScagMachines

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    What goes around comes around, yep you did the right thing cause next year if your boss is overloaded with work to do he may give you some of his accounts. If you're a real good worker and he has alot to do, but don't come to expect him to hand some down to you! It's just that if he hears of your honesty he may want to help you out. It's a possibility, maybe something to encourage you to be good and honest for him, because if he gives you some, they probably won't be his best ones but he'll have already weeded out some of the worst ones if he's a good business man.
    Good luck!
    PS I think I would've done the same if I were you.
  10. SLS

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    I know that the plan is to start your own business next year but if you were my employee I would admire your honesty and you would be a prime candidate for 'foreman' or 'crew leader'...which would mean easier work and more money for you. The "more money" party is always nice when you need to save it up for a new business adventure.

    Some guys would just as soon take the $15 or so an hour (plus benefits) and not be concerned with all the extra (and unpaid) headaches that being a business owner entails.

    But, whatever the case, you are to be commended for showing ethical behaviour...which is an admirable trait in this day of 'I, Me, Mine' thinking.

    Best of luck to you, Jon99. I believe that you will go far on your own because one of the things I have found that my clients appreciate the most is honesty (like when you insist replaceing the bush you mowed down or fixing the scratch that you made on the clients car)...and punctuality. A great job on the lawn is important towards getting new accounts but honesty, punctuality, and a good demeanor go far in retaining them for the long haul.

    There are enough 'jack-leg operators' tainting the image of our chosen profession (and keeping the prices at 1970's levels) out there as it is. Thanks for not being one of them. :)

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