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Is This Goal Resonable???? 30-50 New Customers In The Next 5 Weeks

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MCGRAIL LAWN, Feb 27, 2003.

  1. Ok
    This is my story.

    I starded up in August of 2001 part time.
    2002 was planing on going full time but some family emergency prevented me from delivering my flyers untill it was to late (So I held on to them).

    2003 I am planning on going fulltime.

    I have the 5,000 flyers from last year
    and 6,000 new flyers for this year.
    The new flyes also offer aeration ad dethatching.

    I plan on paying a few teenage friends of the family $20 a day to help deliver flyers.

    I will deiver ALL (11,000) flyers the wk of March 17 2003
    I also have a 4wk ad starting in 3 newspapes that wk.
    I also have 12 18x 24 yards sign on order to place on old customers lawn (already have permission).

    Does it seem reasonable to be able to pick up 30-50 new weekly customers and 75 aeration and dethatching customers???

    if you have any ideas please share wth me.

    Thank You
    for your time

    Will let you all know how it goes in May

    Lawn mowngs start around April 21 here
  2. 25 views and not a one of you have any comments!!

    Please comment
  3. chariot

    chariot LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 319

    I'd answer, but I don't know the answer! I have never adveritsed! I have always went on word of mouth. You could start by just going right up to the doors of the neighbors where you currrently have work and ask if they could use you this year.
  4. Did that last wk
    lest 80% of them a proposal
    Will give them 14 days to think and then follow up.

    I would rather have 2 house next to each other that 2 blks.
  5. chariot

    chariot LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 319

    Say that you have 10 lawns now. If you could get each neighbor next to the one you do now that would be a total of 30 and you would not have to make any more stops than you do now. Good luck.
  6. AGG Lawn Maintenance

    AGG Lawn Maintenance LawnSite Senior Member
    from Elberon
    Messages: 422

    You can pass out 100,000 flyer's and still only pick up 2 accounts. You can have the biggest ad in the paper and only pick up 2 accounts. The key is advertising on a consistent basis. I run my news paper ads in 30 day clips. I find that I get the bulk of my call mid March - mid April. Then again in mid November to mid December. Hit your targeted areas and then follow up in a month or so. Look at McDonald's and Burger King they advertise consistently. I wish you much success. Travis
  7. true but I can cut around 20 a day
    5 days a wk = 100

    I am realy looking for 30-50 plus still working on weibors
  8. Thanks AGG

    Will take into consideration

    But I will be very p*ssed if I only get 2 customers out of all those flyers
  9. bruces

    bruces LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 648

    Seems possible, but I don't have the background to say for sure.

    The general concensus on here is that flyers yield a 1 to 2% response rate.

    If that is the case, you are looking at 110 calls from the flyers, plus whatever the other advertisements generate.

    My concerns would be the following:

    If you get 110 calls, plus more from the newspapers, can you even take a look at the lawns and do the estimates fast enough to suit the potential customers?

    Obviously you feel you are capable of handling the customers or you wouldn't be looking for that many, but adding that many in a short time frame could put a strain on you operations until you get adjusted.

    Also, the one time jobs (aerating and dethatching) could be rather time consuming, so if I were you I would want to try to schedule those out over several weeks (unless you have time to do before you start mowing) (maybe one day a week for those).

    How many customers do you have now?

    Can you handle the increase in business?

    Good luck with your campaign, let us know how it goes.
  10. Once we determin we can not support any more new weekly customers. We will stop delivering flyers and change the adds in the papers to areation and dethatching.

    Our answering machine will also infor customers that we can not accenpt any more weekly customers due to prior commitments but leave your info if interested for next year.

    We will then focus on aeration and dethatching
    witch is spead out over several weeks

    with 2 crews working on the weekends only.

    I hope this will work
    but will find out soon enough

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