is this how to do a basic tune up

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    I go to CCM in randolph with my boyfriend, we are both going for degrees in horticulture, him for the actual building of projects, me for designing them. One of the classes we had to take was a small engine shop class. The teacher recommended this video made by a former student. I found it to be extremely helpfull and easy to follow, however I wanted to see what others thought. Before we go attempting this on our stuff, are the methods used correct. I thought this would be the place to ask. I posted a link to this the other day, but got no response so i figured i would give it one last try.
    here is the link
    check it out
    part 2
    part 3
    part 4

    and if this is a good resource, is there anything else that they did not mention that we need to do
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    This is good basic info just remember that every mower is different in its own way and it is best to follow the manufactures owners manual for specific specs on your equipment. Also the proper tools for the job is a must if you are ever unsure it may be best to take to a reputable shop in your area. A tune up will always be cheaper than a major repair.

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