Is this low balling? $25 per cut for this 10,000+ sqft lawn?


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Lubbock, Texas
Personally all yards in my area have gated backyards and are also in the 10k sq ft. Those run $45-$50 weekly.
No beds no hedges.

I would love to just drop the 52” on a yard like this and be done in 10 min. But I’m still charging $50.00 to do it!
- but your market sounds different and more hunger to work. Yards are a dome a dozen out here.


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Just heard a competitor is charging just $25 per cut to do this lawn. It’s about 10K sqft, not counting the narrow strips along the streets.

Is there any way this outfit is paying employees more than $7 an hour?

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I did estimates for other 8K-10K+ sqft properties this week that have steep slopes and more complicated landscaping, and where parking is harder. Two of those said they’re paying $30. And less than $33 (which was my number) in another.

Are these what we would call low-ball offers? Am I right to refuse to compete against this? And do the employees for that company know they’re getting overworked and ripped off?
In Florida that’s the rate for a recurring percut just mow edge line trimming and blowing (no bushes or weed control)
$35 is normal for a one time only
It should take a 2 man crew 15 minutes which works out with the hourly rate for a basic mowing crew

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Some of you eastern guys fetch quite a price for weekly cuts. I'm about $40-$45 for 1/4 acre typ lot, no slopes no back fence. Higher for more difficult stuff.
Hi Oaklawnhoma! I respect that a lot. Most people can’t be disciplined with their personal income. I was one of the worst of them. It wasn’t until I had a family that I stopped wasting money on stupid stuff.

I think what that person meant with the question was about employees, backup plans, etc. At less than $40 / hr, it might be hard to have a part-time employee who can back you up, or help you grow your business. Because that employee would need to have enough character and trustworthiness to operate 100% on his own, drive the truck, etc. God forbid, if you roll an ankle or have a more serious health problem in the middle of the busy season, the business is doomed. BUT that’s only if you don’t have the business set up so an employee could do it (and still make you profit on top of that). Usually that means bringing in 3x the wage you’d pay someone, for each hour they work. Of course wages are different everywhere. But that 3x factor can usually cover equipment costs and other overhead like taxes, maybe even bonuses and a paid week off, while still leaving at least some cushion for profit.

Everyone on here wants everyone else to succeed. So I think the post asking that question was just trying to encourage you to charge more, if possible.
Thanks. I'm not the world's most disciplined with my money but I'm pretty good relative to many people in this day and age, because in high school I would spend, spend, and spend just about every dollar on clothes because I was desperately trying to get some *you know what*...I would always go to this pizza place I really liked and yes, I would also spend my money on chicken wings on a regular basis. Plenty of people who are in fact good with their money used to be irresponsible and would spend very liberally instead of saving. That's kind of how I've gotten better, because I've been through hell and back and I've learned a lot. I don't spend $20+ a day on gas station food, unlike a lot of people, because not only will that eat into your profits but it also makes you fat, I've been there, and believe me, I never wanna be fat again. I am putting money aside for a trailer and after that I'm going to work on getting a 32 inch mower (I would get a 42 inch timecutter but most of my customers' gates are way too small). Then I could probably get that yard done in maybe 40 minutes, opposed to an hour and 7 minutes like last time (the grass was still wet from the rain but it would probably take about an hour otherwise with the push mower). Edit: the cost of living in Oklahoma is low and $40 is about what I can get for an 8-9k square foot lawn, on the west coast I could probably only charge enough to buy a cup of coffee despite the outrageous cost of living :D
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Some of you eastern guys fetch quite a price for weekly cuts. I'm about $40-$45 for 1/4 acre typ lot, no slopes no back fence. Higher for more difficult stuff.
I don't think I'd get many accounts right now if I said $45, but I've gotten a few lately in the 10k 1/4acre size at about $35-42.
I think Southeast Michigan is being trolled right now by a few low quality, low price mowing businesses. Digging tracks all over, line trimming all the edges down to moss. Getting $25 a lawn and running, and people here are stingy so they just put up with it most of the time. The upper-middle class here seems to feel very afraid of losing its status, so they do things like skimp on property maintenance and think they're saving money. Then they waste $200 a month on high speed cable and $150 on every trip to Costco.