Is this mower too big?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by bmxerss, Jun 23, 2013.

  1. bmxerss

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    Im looking at a 60 inch ex mark turf ranger, it has 690 hours and the current bid is $1020, is it too big for large residential yards?

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    I would it would depend on the landscape layout.
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  3. bmxerss

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    Large open back yards that slope downwards to a lake, small front yards.
  4. andersman02

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    we have a 60z, 52wb, 48wb

    52 i found is the best mower overall, small enough to fit into smaller areas but big enough to do large properties efficiently. also its alot easier on the turf for the guys with less experience

    the 60 is a beast, 31hp and bagger is and absolute beast, makes FCU go real quick. add a dethatcher and you have a efficiency machine as long as the operator is aware of the size and damage it can do.

    While training the guys I used the 60" on EVERY single lawn I could 2k-multiple acreas. Just depends on the experience factor. Im guessing other companies were laughing there A$$ off seeing me on a 60" finishing a yard in 3 stripes

    I had to let them use the 60" as the 52" went down and that was a mistake, had more complaints in the 2 days then all of last year when I was mowing. sliding and turning were the biggest problems.

    My opinion is if you can handle the 60" without tearing the lawn then go for it.
  5. Realslowww

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    It's all property dependent but overall on smaller properties as he stated a 52 overall is about one of the best machines overall because the machines usually do tear the turf a good bit less compared to the heavier 60's.

    I have found a 52 and then go right to 72 and forget 60 but if you only have 1 big mower a 60 is good but if you can have 2 a 52 and 72 is a much better combo if you have some larger properties.

    A good working 72 will just slaughter a 60 in time on medium to larger props and are just about as maneuverable.
  6. KS_Grasscutter

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    I prefer a 52" over a 60 for an all purpose size. Can fit on tiny yards yet also can fly through big stuff.
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  7. bmxerss

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    I am also a fan of 52" over 60. When I placed my first order for a large Z from Toro I wanted a 60" Z master, but my dealer recommended getting a 52" as they were much more popular in the area. I'm really glad I went with his advice, cause I love my 52" now. Its easy to maneuver, causes little damage with the right operator, and is surprisingly good on hillsides. PLUS a 52 mower uses the same size blade as a 36" walk behind!! Which I now have two of, and that's made just another thing easier to order at the beginning of each year.
  10. kawakx125

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    lets not forget either that a 52 will scalp less than a 60. i have found that a 36''/52'' combo is about perfect for residential stuff

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