Is this mower too big?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by bmxerss, Jun 23, 2013.

  1. wilsonbh

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    The TORO is Model 991060. I believe it's a 500 series. 2004 model serial 000179. My yard is mostly flat but with lots of trees.
  2. twomancrew

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    Hands down you'll love either one. You'll get a lot more from the Toro. I don't know how long you want to keep this mower and resale might be better with the Gravely in 5 years. That Toro is a big unit and will really cut grass and climb hills. The 2004 z500 was a bit slow MPH. Can you drive both them and make a decision based on simply which one you like better.?
  3. wilsonbh

    wilsonbh LawnSite Member
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    That has been my problem. On one hand one is better and then the other hand, the other one is better and so on. It's killing me trying to decide.
  4. twomancrew

    twomancrew LawnSite Senior Member
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    Do you plan on running the mower until it dies or you sell the property? Don't get paralysis from analysis. Which one do YOU like better? Which is more comfortable or seems easier to use? Make a decision based on how it will treat your ass. Literally!
  5. wilsonbh

    wilsonbh LawnSite Member
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    Yes, the plan is to keep it forever. So I want to get the one that will last. I like the Toro the best but fear it might be too big and may tear up my lawn. My lawn is pretty tough but not so in some places, like in front of the house.

    The Toro is big for sure. But I do like it better. I like Kohler motors too and it has one, a 27hp Kohler.

    The Gravely seems equally stout in its construction. Very well built and it has the advantage of being small enough to fit on my current trailer. However, it has 818 hours versus 693 on the Toro. And the Gravely has a 48 inch deck versus the 60 inch deck on the Toro.

    I'm trying to get the best mower for the money. Both cost the same thing, $3600.
  6. Snyder's Lawn Inc

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    Never seen a Toro cut around here But I know one guy has a Gravely 48'' I was not impress with the cut. He think it cuts good I have a lawn next to his and his Customer tried get me mow there lawn but there gate wont open up for my 60''
  7. twomancrew

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    Get that Toro. It only takes once across a lawn to learn how tears happen, and on any mower you can tear a lawn. I personally run a 2011 Z500 60" with the 27 or 28?? hp Kohler. I like it just fine. Dont run any z in a half circle or it will tear. That all you need to know. That 500 is THE machine the industry here grew up on the last 10 years. The city I live in has dozens of them all over town. New ones, old ones, propane ones. Those city guys are nothing more than a group of HS jocks whos parents got them the job for the summer and the rip those mowers apart my dealer says. I bought mine based on that fact and 0% APR. To be honest tho I was at Deere again this morning kicking the new 960R and 970R in the tires. I am already preapproved with JD financial and they have a fair value on my Z500 for trade. Like I said, resale can be an important factor on your purchase or maybe it doesn't at all matter. I won't buy either Deere if I cannot get some seat time and make sure I like it. That 13K don't come easy for me at all and I wont let myself have regrets on this.

    Go and give them a good testing is all you need to be sure. A 48" Gravely takes up less space, can be trailered easier, and will loose more value over the next 10 years than the Toro. That's what I can see from where I sit.
  8. andersman02

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    Yea I agree with the guy ahead of me,

    We have a 48,52,60

    52 gets used the most, then 48 then 60 but the 60 slaughters when it is used.

    Next step I would get a 36", stander if I could and they made a gravely floated deck 36".

    52 and 48 would probly be the best combo depending on your neighborhoods.

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