Is this normal, or, does the dealer think I am a dunce?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Steelratt, Oct 2, 2006.

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    If this was going to be a daily working machine that was facing employees and life on an open trailer.... I'd say get over it.

    In your situation..... you have a strong argument for getting a machine with cardboard dust still on it.
    If your mower is destined for a cushy life of residential use and garage storage... there is no sense in starting out with a unit exposed to environmental wear.
    I hope the dealer was'nt trying to pull one over on you.
  2. garth1967

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    spot on topsites
  3. WildWest

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    60 Bucks... Belay my last!

    Go for the kit. What the hell.
  4. Ed Ryder

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    They walked all over you.

    I agree with topsites. Start-off calm, then escalate if necessary.

    I also agree with you about possibly dumping them, and agree with the other poster who suggested reporting the incident to the manufacturer's vice president of sales and marketing.

    You are right. They are wrong.

    If they don't remedy the matter, then picket, and suggest it as a feature story to local media.
  5. Tharrell

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    4 days to get it ready? Sounds like they needed 4 days to get it back from the guy that put the 2 hours on it and was probably demo-ing it. Or, they robbed parts and were waiting for the new ones to come in.
    Mowers like that are ready to go, they just put gas in it and check it over. 4 days, that's a big load of BS!
  6. LawnBrother

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    This really pisses me off and they didn't even screw me over. I get so irrate over crap like this. Don't leave that dealer without a new mower, and unless it was really an honest mistake, make sure to tell them you are never doing business there again, and why(in deail, in front of potential customers), AND that you will be discussing the incident with the manufacturer. Good luck with it.
  7. LwnmwrMan22

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    Everyone before this post could be wrong.

    You say new. As far as any dealer is going to tell you, a mower with 2 (HOURS) not miles is a new mower.

    The dealer probably figured they were dealing on the mower that you tried. If you paid full retail for that mower, chalk it up as lesson learned.

    I'm sure this time of year, the dealer is going to try to move all equipment that's on site, while not wanting to deliver anything.

    As far as 4 days, if they delivered it to you, that might have been the day that they deliver to your area.

    I know that if I go and pick up a new mower, I can drive to my dealer and anything that's on the lot, I can put it on the trailer, and go home.

    As far as delivery, I have to wait until the guy is available. For me, it's pretty much anytime, but I've also spent $100,000 at my dealer in the last 4 years. When it comes to being a homeowner, or someone that's just purchased something, I know they have a delivery schedule, just like if you were going to buy furniture, or anything else that you have delivered.

    IMO, if you paid $500 or less than retail, the whole time the dealer was figuring that you were looking at the "demo" unit that's at the dealer.

    If you paid full retail (which you should never have to do) then you can bring it back, but my guess is that you'll have to wait longer, because they probably don't have anymore from this year in the back.

    You said yourself.. "Now, the sale was for a new 44z as far as I know", which is a statement that leaves open the large chance of miscommunication.

    Personally, I'd drive back up there and see if they have a bright shiny new mower out front. If they do, then I'd call a different dealer, doesn't even have to be in your area, do a google for Gravely dealers and get a price from 2-3 different dealers all over the country on a brand new mower. If your mower was considerably less, then you have to decide if 2 (HOURS) is worth an extra $500+ to get something that's going to get dirty anyways. If that difference in money is no object, then go back to your dealer and tell them that you want to pay the difference for shiny paint.

    2 hours on a mower is nothing, probably 1-2 times around your own yard. It couldn't have left the lot on a demo with 2 hours on the engine.
  8. Steelratt

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    So, I called the dealer and talked to my salesman this morning. Let's call him "J." I tell J about my situation, and he advises me that he didn't know what mower I got, and that he had just told his guys to get a 44Z ready. Uh huh. I told him about the bare metal and rust on it, and he offered to touch it up. No way. THEN he tells me that they rust while sitting in the crates, and there is nothing anyone can do about it. Is that so? I told J that I wouldn't accept a $200 lawn boy from Home Depot if it had rust on it. He then tells me that they might not have any crated ones available. J advises me that he will schedule a pickup and will call me. I hung up as he was finishing his sentence.

    After fuming for a little while, I drive right over to the dealership, ready to tell them to take their mower and shove it. The guy at the front desk calls for J, while I wait and fume some more. J walks up, tells me that he just tried to call me, and tells me that he called the distributor and has ordered me a brand new mower. He also tells me to just keep using the one I have until it gets in. He also apologized. I guess he must have thought it over and figured out that I was pretty pissed off, and that they were clearly in the wrong. I'm working on getting a striper thrown in on the new one.

    So, I think I will stick with them. I still like the mower, though I figured out that 800 LB mower + 250 LB person + rain-soaked ground = ruts and tire tracks :hammerhead: Thing is built like a tank though, very impressive quality.
  9. stumper1620

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    well, Reading your last post, It sounds like this is pretty well worked out.
    Otherwise I was going to ask what your receipt says, as the product purchased ( 1 demo 44z, 1 used 44z, or new 44z) now where I come from if it says new and they deliver a demo thats fraud and the state attorney would handle them better than you or the manufacturer ever could. If it says demo, you got what you paid for, if it says used you still got what you paid for. anything that is not brand new can NOT be sold as or represented as new that is consumer fraud and is illegal in every state I know of.
  10. DEEJ

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    This is always a concern with me buying equipment, or anything for that matter. I am picky. If I pay for a new item, I want to be the one to put the first scratch on it, or leave it outside to rust, or get it muddy.

    I am very careful to specify new, "out of the crate" - not that one sitting on the floor. Even at that I have had them try things. The giant fireplace in my new house was installed with 25 feet of chimney sitting on top of it before I got there and realized it was the scratched floor model. It took some yelling, but it was replaced. I ask for new, I payed for new, I want new.

    I regularly drive past a Hustler dealer in upstate New York near Malone. At any given time he has a dozen or more new ZTRs sitting out in the field. He does not appear to have a showroom. I watched this summer as they became consumed by grass as they sat there waiting to be sold, all the while sitting in the rain and the sun. That is not at all the way I want to buy a machine. Unfortunately I think it is the norm to some degree. Some machines will look worse than you describe after being on the contractor's trailer for a week, so he may not care, and the dealer knows this.

    My Exmark dealer sent me 2 machines to demo a while back. I expected they would be demo machines. When they arrived they were brand new. I called and he said "no please go ahead and cut with them". I put about 5 hours on each machine. Once my decision was made, he took his "demos" back and sent me a brand new 60" 28EFI Lazer fresh out of the crate. That is what I expected, asked for, and got, and so should you.

    I am glad he has come clean and corrected the problem. Have fun with the new machine.


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