Is this normal, or, does the dealer think I am a dunce?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Steelratt, Oct 2, 2006.

  1. newz7151

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    From what I've seen, it seems that Hustler largely goes after Tractor and Farm Implement dealers to carry their machines. It's nothing for a tractor dealer to have 50 - 100 farm tractors sitting outside on display, so I guess they figure why should the lawnmower be any different.

    If I don't have room inside or covered outside area for new machines then I don't take them on.
  2. LawnGuy73

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    The hours not a big deal, the rust I would be pissed.
  3. MarcSmith

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    knock a couple hundred buck off the price buy a can of royal red spray paint...git on down road.

    I have purchased Demo units before...Never any problems. but I have also purchased NEW units before, as well as old(new) units from the past calander year. It sounds like they did the right thing finally........
  4. Idealtim

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    If the thing was not mechanically defected, then I would just ask them for a reasonable refund amount (prolly around 300-400$).
  5. dmanb2b

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    Do not keep the mower and use it while they get you a new one…unless they stated that in writing!!!

    I am not a lawyer or anything, but in my eyes you should legally have 3 days to break any purchase agreement and return it for a full refund. By keeping it on your property and using it, they may be able to claim customer acceptance IMO….as always I would seek legal advice on how you should proceed
  6. Steelratt

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    That's an interesting point, I'll have to look into it.

    BTW, for those who asked what I paid, they gave me $900 off MSRP. The receipt doesn't state "used" or "demo" just "Gravely 44z."
  7. Mowingman

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    Dealers consider a machine new, as long as it has not been sold, used as a demo, and/or never had the blades in grass. We move some of our mowers in and out of the showroom/shop every day so they show up better out in front of the building. It takes a while, but you can easily put 5 or 10 hours on a machine doing this if it sits around long enough. Sometimes we let ours run 10 minutes or so to charge up the battery, and get all the oils good and hot. However, we never sell them with rust, or weathered seats, or weathered arm rests. In fact, if this weathering does occur before a machine is sold, the manufacturer, Gravely, will pay us warranty to replace the affected parts with new ones.
    We want new owners to have a machine that is free from any defects, even if only cosmetic.
  8. lawnmaniac883

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    That is complete BS, glad your dealer manned up to the situation.
  9. MSS Mow

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    Try a 1700 lb mower with a 300+lb operator, throw in a little rain, and see what you get....:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

    glad to hear your situation fixed. I hate to see people get screwed. You pay too much money for these things.
  10. brucec32

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    1. The meter shows HOURS OF USE, not MILES. Two hours is roughly half a day's use for a commercial mower.

    2. 2 hours of use on this mower is about 1/10th of one percent of its useful life span. That works out to about $5 of depreciation on the unit.

    3. You said you drove the mower yourself. Do you think they just toss the mowers out after someone's tested one? Of course not. So obviously you know that they eventually sell those units. You both could have been more clear about which exact mower you were buying, and if it were a big deal for you to buy a crated model, you could have simply said so to make it clear.

    4. The slight rust and paint flaws on a slightly used mower when you first get it are meaningless to its value down the line. I've got 8 y/o mowers that get daily use and don't have any rust that affects them functionally. So I wouldn't get in a lather about it.

    It's one thing if they brought over a unit with a lot of hours on it and it was all banged up. They probably just assumed it didn't really matter much. Or, they thought they could dump an older unit on an inexperienced buyer and put a newer model on the floor. But either way, not that big a deal, and again, you should have made it clear you didn't want the unit you tested if you absolutely didn't want it. It may well have factored into the price you were given.

    You may have poisoned your relationship with this dealer. It probably won't matter, since this machine should be well past its warranty period before giving any problems.

    That's another thing. A unit that has been used a little will have the bugs worked out of it. A newly uncrated and set up unit may well have something that needs an adjustment almost right away.

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