Is this normal pratice of insurance companies???

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Trinity Lawn Care LLC, Mar 1, 2006.

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    My wife called today to have the insurance company send us a copy of our certificate of general liability. The lady started giving her a hard time saying that each copy had to be made out specifically to whom we were submitting it too. Is this normal practice? We haven't put in bids for properties that required us to submit our insurance information until now. In addition, in the state of NJ any work that will be over that $500 limit will be subject to the new home improvement statute. We will be required to put all these people under contract and give them a copy of the cert of gen liab. Do these insurance companies realize this and do they know about this new statute? The lady told my wife that they calls about certs everday. What are they going to say when I call and say that I need them to fax me 60, 70 ,80+ copies for every single customer that I have??? Am I the only one that thinks that there has to be a better way of doing this?:hammerhead:
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    Around here,the insurance company writes a cert. for each city work is performed in.This covers all homes in each city.The commercial account just wants the their name to be the holder of the cert.It's no biggie.I imagine you're covered with homeowners since the city you work in probably required a cert. of insurance to issue a business license.
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    This is normal. When I ask for mine, they need the address and whom its for. Also, if a residental customer wants proof of insurance, I just give them my agents number.
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    That is kind of normal Rob. My company requires a name and physical address of where it is going to be sent. I then get a copy of what is sent to my customer as well. To be perfectly honest, don't be surprised if they start charging you for this service:nono: ...I am sure one day it will happen.
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    See, all insurance stuff is a royal PITA.... that's why I don't bother with it.

    j/k. just seeing if I could get a rise out of anyone :D

    I called early this year, and had them send me one with my Company name & address under "Certificate Holder". Then, under "Description of operations, etc." it says:


    If we are awarded a bid, and proof is required, we have a genuine copy made up for the customer.

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