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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by MikeKle, Feb 19, 2010.

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    I have been thinking about adding a hydraulic cylinder to my truck bed to make it a dumper since I read the other thread about it and since I will have lots of mulch jobs in another month or so, but they are close to $1500 for most kits, and I was thinking if I could find a manual hydraulic cylinder, like a big floor jack has, and instead of having a powered dumping bed, I would have a manual dumping bed that I would obviously have to crank a handle to raise and lower, but it should still work the same...right? Most of the dumping kits Ive seen do not have that long of a stroke on the ram anyway, so using one from a large floor jack may work great, and they are rated for 3-4 tons, I would never be hauling close to that much, even with the weight of the bed itself figured in. I have looked at the dumper kits installed and I could fabricate all of the parts and hinge the bed like they do, just have to figure a way to have the crank accessible? Im sure someone has thought of this before, and yeah, I realize it may be a bit "rigged", but all I care about is if it raises the bed and dumps the crap from it. Who cares if that means I must spend 5 minutes cranking a handle? Thanks guys.
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    Thats the worst idea I think I have ever heard in my life.
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    I feel dumber just for reading that!

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    its a close second to electing obama.
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    I made a dumping flat bed once by using a electric/hydrolic unit off of a Meyer snowplow. just flipped a switch to raise it. Mine accually had a lever that locked the bed down..when you pushed the lever to unlock bed it triggered the switch to raise. I'll tell you thou..I would never attempt again as it was a lot of work. finding the right pivot point- getting everything to work right- greasable pivot bushings- ect.. Geno
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    After looking around online, I found some places that sell these, they are not much cheaper than the powered ones though at about $950.!! It comes with the same hardware as the powered ones but has a place for a hand crank.
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    you really want to work that hard? Work smarter not harder

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