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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by CRUZMISL, Sep 13, 2004.


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    Due to poor pressure on my system I had switched to the MP3000's. They work well in my low pressure situation but the heads only pop up about 3 inches instead of 4. Can I take apart the rainbird 1804 and cut a few coils off the spring to make it easier to pop up or will I wreck the head?

    Also, is there a method to ensure my solenoids are opening completely?

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    Why don't you start with the real reason for the problem. Start by checking for broken risers(look for wash out at the heads), cracked pipe, bad fitting ect....

    By cutting the springs so they come up easier doesn't address the issue of poor pressure either to bad design or bad fitting\cracked pipes...

    By the way, did you check to see if all your isolation valves, auto valves ect... see if they are completly open?


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    Thanks for the reply John. The system works head and shoulders above what was previously installed but I'd like to see the heads pop up a bit more. How do I check the valves etc? The heads are all new (replaced Nelson 6000's with RB 1804's) so it's either a poor design (wouldn't surprise me a bit) or a partially open solenoid.

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    What is your static water pressure? How many heads are on the zone that only pops up 3"?
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    You'll gain nothing by cutting the springs. They are designed to pull the flow tube down. It only takes about 7 or 8 psi to completely seal a head, so your problem lies elsewhere.

    You still may have too many heads on a sectio, you may have leaking lateral lines, or the diaphragms may be defective. Probably not the solenoid itself, as they either work or they don't, nothing halfway.

    How many of the zones are affected? Also check to make sure the flow controls on the valves are open, make sure the backflow valves are open, also check to see that the master valve is open (if you have one).

    Did you ever check the static pressure of your water supply? Another area to check is the Point of connection where the irrigation system ties into the potable water supply. There may be a problem there if they used a compression fitting.

    You obviously are not getting the required pressure to the heads and need to start eliminating the obvious and easy remedy items.

    Also, your system may have been installed on undersized pipe. Not wanting to offend, but tell me a plumber didn't install the system. The typical plumber install is on 3/4" sch 40 and too many heads spaced to far apart.

    Good Luck.

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    As I said in your initial thread when you first thought about the MP Rotator....

    You have bigger fish to fry...changing out to the MP Rotator may have "helped" but it isn't fixing your problem. Your problem is a design flaw and you cannot "fix" a design flaw with a bandaid.

    If your heads are not popping up to full extension, you still have pressure (flow) issues to address. If they are not "head to head" coverage....even after installing MP have other issues as well.

    Unfortunately for you...these issues will NOT go away or get better on their own...probably only get worse.

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    I know I have a poorly designed system which is why I went to the 3000's. Short of starting from scratch I'd like to see if I can make a decent tasting chicken soup out of chicken sh!* :)

    My static pressure is 51psi and when the system is running it drops down to 36psi. Each zone has 4 heads and is supplied by 1" poly. The water comes from my house which is plumbed with 3/4" copper and I have a 5/8 meter.

    The pressure measures good so they should pop up all the way no problem. The spray pattern is good and if I grab one of the low pop ups with just minimal effort it pops up all the way and stays up.

    Any tips on where I should start first? The valve box is under my deck and I'll have to remove the floor boards to get at it so I'd like to have a plan before I go in. It hasn't been opened in 7 years.


    CRUZMISL LawnSite Member
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    I also checked the valves and I have Hardie 2400T solenoid valves. They are about 7 years old. Could it be they need to be rebuilt? Any advice?

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