is this price correct for a used lazer


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Hi, Somoene is offering me a 2001 lazer hp 23 horse power
with 250 hours on it. Has mulching kit and the bagging system. Hes asking $ 5,000 for it. Is this too much, is it good?
He is also selling a 2003 36" stander and wnats $3,700. Too much?

ill appreciate any help thanks guys
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A couple years back, I bought a used lazer.....$4900. It had a few more hours than yours.

I used it for 3 years, and got rid of it....(for newer stuff) for $4500. They hold their value, and still ran great when I got rid of it. Where else can you use commercial equipment like that at a price of $133 per year?

Sounds good if its taken care of


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For an HP, this sounds a little high..... Find out what the original price was on it, and as I was told by our Exmark dealer (very reputable), that depending on what kind of shape it's in, you can usually figure between 5 and 10 dollars per hour on it for depreciation.


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Actually with the vac and mulch kit that is a pretty fair price. That mower was around $6800 new, $150 for the mulch kit and about $1300 for the vac. That low hours its a fair price.

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