Is this price out of line?

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Hamons, Mar 31, 2003.

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    Ok guys, I gave a quote for a landscaping job todya and he said I was nearly double the other quotes he had. This is not a PITA customer -- so I'm trying to figure things out.

    It was a wall using pavestone diamond 3 way. The wall was going to be built on a hill rounding off the corner made by a 12 of sidewalk and 11 foot of front porch. Total length of the wall was 30'. The hill sloped down 40" from top to bottom so 15' of the wall would be 40" tall and would slope up from there. (Is that clear enough to get a general idea?)

    I figured 90 face feet of wall and quoted a price of $1180. I thought this was low, but this was part of a larger bid and the excavation for the job was minimal.

    I don't mind losing a job because the customer doesn't want to pay what I'm worth -- but I just had a feeling I must have figured something wrong --- but I can't find where. How can people come in twice as low as that?

    Did I figure the face feet wrong? IS the slope throwing me off and making me do some kind of terrible math error? I have installed lots of walls in my time -- but have bid much fewer. I used to work for a landscaping company where somebody else did the bidding. Now I'm the boss and it's a lot more work.

    Any help would be appreciated!

  2. Lombardi

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    Jeff, your bid sounds very reasonable. You can see from other threads on this subject that some guys charge $25-30 per ff. Whenever there is slope involved you can't estimate the exact number of blocks it will take. On this project it looks like it may take upwards of 112 blocks. The blocks alone will cost over $500.00. I would talk to the customer and explain your concern and ask them if they will tell you what the other company estimated for the amount of block. It could be that they miscalculated.
  3. paponte

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    Geese, thats a fair price. Sometimes you have to know when to talk.. and know when to walk! :cool:
  4. Henry

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    If your price is double you need to have a talk with that customer. Maybe he needs to get some more info from the other bidder. I can't see doing it any cheaper.

    I had someone under-bid me by half on a 1000sf driveway last winter at the home of one of my maint. customers. These guys did a nice job but I don't know how they did it so cheap.

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