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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by CT18fireman, Jun 18, 2004.

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    I gave a rpice yesterday for a a small elevated patio and reatining wall. Customer thought price was really high. Keep in mind that the patio height will be about 3 feet above existing grade.

    Here is my breakdown.

    install retaining wall 3' high x 70' long (240 sq. ft.) includes base and backfill materials $15/sg.ft. 3600.00
    install patio pavers 19' x 19' with semi circle end includes base material $10/sq.ft. 3750.00
    Retaining Wall block (exact price dependent on customer choice)
    Approx. $13/sq.ft. 2535.00
    Pavers (price on customer choice)
    Approx $2.5/sq.ft. 937.50

    Installation includes base materials
    9-10 tons paver base
    6 tons clean 3/4"
    2 tons sand
    Total $10,822.50

    Excellent access from about 20-30' from driveway. Will have a skid on site. No digging concerns. Plenty of room for materials storage.

    Am I way off somewhere? Normally my bids are right inline with everyone else in the area. He claims he can show me a bid from two years ago for 6-7000. What do you guys think?
  2. NickN

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    Ask him to show you the bid.If he does,then ask him why he didn't go with them in the first place.
    He's either trying to lowball you or he's a price shopper and may NEVER really get the install done.
    No loss.
  3. D Felix

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    So your retaining wall came out to be $28/sf and the pavers are $12.50/sf as I'm reading it (labor and materials all together)?

    If that's right, you are right in line with what we usually charge. Maybe a bit low in fact for the pavers. Depending on the type of wall block being used, you may be a bit higher than what we normally charge, I dunno.

    But then again, you are in CT, I'm in podunk county IN. Two entirely different markets...........

    What it boils down to is that your price is your price. Don't let someone else who is now out of business set your price for you. Two years ago, we were charging $5/hour less for labor, and who knows how much material costs have gone up.

    If he wanted it done for $6k, he should have had it done two years ago. There's a good chance he's also comparing apples to oranges too, you may be using a different material....

    Like I said, don't let someone else set your prices for you!

  4. brentsawyer

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    Mesa wall block would be $3/ft. here and a little lower on the labor and your in the high $7k range.
  5. CT18fireman

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    Thanks guys. I was not thinking of changing my price, just looking for a mistake.

    I picked up this customer two years ago and have done a lot of work for him. Price has never been an issue as he was happy with the results. I believe the estimate will be from the guy before who was growing weeds in his front yard and beds. I will simply remind him of that quality work.

    Those are pretty much my standard prices on smaller job here, Bigger projects get discounted.

    Thanks for the help.

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