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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by jimrawr, Sep 1, 2008.

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    So I spoke with a landscaper today who does some houses in my neighborhood (which look very nice). My yard is a complete mess, the hydro seed was put down around may-june of this year (new home). Since then we have some grass, some dry (dirt) spots, and lots of crab grass.

    So I asked him what he could do to improve it. He suggested putting down some feed (Lesco Merit .02) and to put down some seed in the areas that need it. In the spring time put down some pre-emergent. He quoted me for $90, my lawn is around I would estimate 5-8k sq feet. That also includes mowing when he comes to put down the feed.

    Is this reasonable, and a good plan to make my lawn look good? I think he has done some nice work in the neighborhood so I tend to trust him, although the price sounded a bit steep but I am a greenhorn at this so I dont really know.

    What do you guys say? How is the Lesco Merit .02?
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    This isn't uncommon for a hydroseed job.

    Merit is a grub insecticide. A very pricey one at that. Any reason he gave you for such a seemingly needless application on new grass?

    Definitely. Waiting for a mediocre hydro job to fill in can take forever.

    Come spring, I'd encourage you to find a full time chemical applicator to carry on. Your hydro guy isn't likely the best candidate for maintenance.

    So what, exactly, does the $90 include? Even the pre-em in the Spring?
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    The $90 is for the feeding and mowing the lawn. Thats it. As far as the Lesco Merit goes, I thought that was the feeding, I must have been mistaken. He didnt seem to think I should overseed again, just spot seed whereever needed. Do you think this is bad advise? My lawn is rather thin all over, but he seemed to think with feeding it will come up nice and thick in the spring..
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    If you have bare areas larger then the size of a baseball then seeding may be required.

    A good fert program can really thicken up a weak lawn...I would also make sure and keep the weeds out and the feeding to it!

    As far as Merit....grub control shouldn't be needed on a new lawn! I would double check with him on that one!

    I would make sure and feed it atleast 2 more times this year (sometime in the next week or two and again in November).

    Is this guy a licensed professional? You might make sure he is licensed and insured. If not...I wouldn't do business with him!
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    $45 for feed--$45 for one time mow of tall grass--reasonable. However If it were me I would mow it myself. Then have the lawn guy apply weed control, and put the feed on top. Wait a week and let him do the seeding. Plan to feed the lawn again when the night temp hits a low of 40--that stops further crabgrass growth. Feed again in about 3 weeks or at the time of frost(which kills crabgrass). Feed again about 3 to 4 weeks later if grass has not filled in 100 percent. Find a small, dependable, experienced lawn company that will apply crabgrass control twice in spring. Not sure what state you are in. I suggest about when temp first hits 65 in spring and again about 6 weeks later. Good luck--let us know what happens.
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    Thanks for the help guys. I am from Westport, MA. Actually I found someone on this forum who is local to me, and I want to get in contact with him but I cant send Private Messages yet.. Does anyone think they can do me a favor and direct Frank Fescue to this thread? That is his user name..

    Frank if you read this post your email or phone number if you dont mind so I can give you a call.

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