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Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by mike lane lawn care, May 8, 2006.

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    i got a call from this nice elderly lady whom lives in a condo complex for elderly people, and called me on my home number, which means that a fellow landscaper i know referred her to me.. but this place is not cheap, it's for the better off ones. any who, she wants me to cleanup the "park" area on the property, she says the maintenance crew does nothing, and it looks awful. she has a few other residents in the complex that are willing to spil the cost of me coming in and doing a cleanup. i know the place, it isn't too big and won't take me long, i am just worried about what the maintenance crew will think if they see me working. what she told me was "if anyone asks what you're doing or bothers you, just tell them you're a friend of Mrs._______, and that'll shut them up"

    what do you guys think, i wouldn't mind doing it, just wanted some opinions,
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    Condo complex's usually have a board of directors or a management company that controls all the issues of the condo association such as maintenance, HVAC, painting, etc.
    I would be sure that you are not stepping on any toes prior to doing the work. If the maintenance company is an outsourced company I would assume they have a contract, if they are part of the association then they have been hired to maintain the property by someone. Either way, you need to get to this someone or group of someones.

    Be careful with this one, it could come back to bite you. Whatever you do, get it in writing by means of a contract. Be sure to protect yourself and check into who is in charge before you do any work. I am sure if you do the work and something goes wrong you will be blamed and if you have nothing signed, you will pay.

    If this is a common area it belongs to the whole condo association and it would require the approval of the board of directors not a few of the residence.

    So do your homework, then get the job and make some money.

    Good Luck with your venture.
  3. mike lane lawn care

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    oh and thanks
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    you are under age, uninsured, unlicensed, and not legally available to any commercial work..... so take care of those issues...:)
  5. mike lane lawn care

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    the person who wants me to do the work know this. It isn't commercial work, no contract is involved, she called today and she talked to the maint. department at the facility, they don't care as long as long as i don't damage the property. this is a park area away from all buildings, so i think it's safe. but thanks for the concern.
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    Be careful. She could just be blowing smoke. Personally I wouldn't do it without talking to someone on the board or the maintenance department themselves. She doesn't own the property. How do you know she even has any intention of paying you for it?
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    I don't entirely like the sounds of it either, for the main reason I have a contract where an association controls things via a board and there are plenty of them who want everything spiffy as of yesterday.
    Being that this is on a contract, there isn't much I can do beyond what the budget allows, so it wouldn't surprise me if a few of the renters called another Lco but I tell you right now, the Treasurer who pays me would doubtful write them a check, so it would have to be that group of renters who pays for it.
    It appears you are covered here, thou you might get something in advance... dunno, maybe...
    I just don't like the over-ride aspect of it all, there appear toes everywhere, where to step or where NOT to...

    As for me finding someone else out there, it might set me off depending on what it is they are doing as I have several projects going on and if they stick their hands in my soup, they would find themselves a short-tempered fellow. Other than that, if they were doing stuff that does not interfere with my ongoing projects, I couldn't care less because they're just doing me a favor keeping these renters off my back anyhow. And if they were doing something that I had already planned for later in the year, I would thank them because what they don't know is they just messed up the contract in my favor (something the board may or may not appreciate, the blame for which may fly any which way but if it comes my way, it is not my problem).

    That's my attitude on it.
    Hope that helps.
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    I met her today and got some more information. the guy that takes care of the place does it all by himself, and there are 35 units, so he gave her permission to do what ever she wanted to do with the area. I chatted with her and the area she wants cleaned up and mulched is small, so i quoted her $300. the area is too small for the leaf blower to make sense, but the 21" mower with mulching kit will help greatly. she is getting some other residents to chip in, so this will be about three hours of work with about $80-$100 of expenses. there is no board of dirrectors, the facility is controlled by the residents, as they own the appartments.

    P.S. thanks for all the advice, if i hadn't personaly met the maint. guy, i would have said that i was sorry and couldn't do the work.
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    From the renewed sound of things, I think you'll be fine.

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