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    Lawn Care News: Is pulling dandelions by hand the future of our industry? : City Commission to consider plan to rid parks of pesticides

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    Terry Shistar has dandelions in her rural Lawrence yard, and she's happy to report that the world hasn't come to an end.And she said she didn't think the sky would fall if Lawrence residents began finding a few of the colorful weeds in their public parks or at the city-owned golf course, either.Shistar, an adjunct assistant professor in environmental studies at Kansas University, is among a group of residents pushing for Lawrence city commissioners to adopt a policy that would essentially ban by 2008 the use of all pesticides in the city's 52 parks, including at the Eagle Bend Golf Course.Mayor Mike Rundle, also a supporter of the proposed ban, has put the issue on the agenda for the City Commission's meeting tonight."It has become a health issue," Rundle said, pointing to studies that have found an increased risk of neurological damage in young children exposed to pesticides.Both said there were other ways to control weeds, such as increased aeration and the use of a machine that sprays hot water to kill common weeds, that would make it unlikely city parks would become overrun with unwanted vegetation.Thad Allender/Journal-World Photo A blossoming tree frames a cyclist navigating a sidewalk in South Park.That's a thought that creates questions for Fred DeVictor, director of the city's parks and recreation department.DeVictor said his department didn't have enough workers to hand pull all the weeds currently sprayed.By 2008 all areas maintained by the city would be pesticide-free, and if pesticides needed to be used, a special exemption would have to be granted by the City Commission.Richard Gwin/Journal World-Photo A bee collects pollen Monday in front of City Hall, where the City Commission will discuss a plan tonight that would ban all pesticides in the city's 52 parks."Those people who are spraying in the parks are trained and licensed and using them as they are supposed to be used," said Kristen Van Veen, a spokeswoman for Responsible Industry for a Sound Environment, an advocacy group for the pesticide industry.
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    This is how it starts. Don't give the anti's an inch. Do you have a website for:

    said Kristen Van Veen, a spokeswoman for Responsible Industry for a Sound Environment, an advocacy group for the pesticide industry

    We should be involved with groups like this.
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    They are Industry funded which makes the not too impartial but it is a good start:

    Responsible Industry for a Sound Environment
    From SourceWatch

    Responsible Industry for a Sound Environment (RISE), established in 1991, is an affiliate of CropLife America, with which it shares a Washington, D.C. office. RISE, a lobbying and public relations trade organization, defends the "urban usage" of pesticides in homes, schools, and landscapes. It also defends "urban vegetation control."

    Contact Information

    1156 15th Street, NW, Suite 400
    Washington, DC 20005
    phone: 202-872-3860
    Fax: 202-463-0474
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    more BS from the anti-pesticide people. people assume sprayers are enviromental threats when in reality they are usually some of the most environmentally concious people in the country.

    The no-pesticide law would never float a golf course, they might just as well shut it down. that turf is under immense stress, the slightest advantage (no pesticides) and that course will be disease infested.
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    Just wait until the yards are over run with weeds and disease and then maybe they will see that we are actually helping the enviornment !!

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    We could all just buy one of those hot water sprayers. I am sure those work very well! And of course it would never harm the regular grass or anything.
    I wonder if HER lawn is full of these pretty colorful weeds?

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