Is this too much truck for me?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Element Property Mgmt, Mar 24, 2013.

  1. Ethanslawn

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    I agree with Richard Martin but if hr gets at a good deal and it's something that fits his needs and demands. Then it would great then
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  2. GrassGuerilla

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    A lot of things come into play here. Where is your customer base? Daily travel distance? Plans for future expansion? Will this be a work only vehicle? There's no one size fits all answers here. What size jobs are you going after? What do you plan to haul? I get that you have one mower now but next year, or the following?

    Point is the dove tail may be slick for a single mower, but will it be wasted next year when you need a trailer and more mowers?

    Also, at start up, many of us had to travel quite a bit while building a tighter local route. A lighter 1500-2500 series truck might make more sense early on. If you have lots of work nearby, go for it. I think you'd be wise to outgrow a lighter truck first.
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  3. JDGlandscape

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    While I agree with the posts you have received because i only run larger trucks, I am surprised that is what everyone is saying. It seems a lot of people on this site say that it is completely stupid to get a versatile truck that you can actually work with. These threads usually get responses like "that is completely stupid for a lawn truck. You need a ranger or s10 or better yet a geo prism." They crack me up.

    I think that is a great truck for what you are looking to do, depending on the price I would jump on it
  4. Richard Martin

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    The man said his main issue would be costs of fuel. Going by what his main concern is, do you still think this is a wise choice?

    There is nothing wrong with someone being concerned with the price of fuel. It is a large part of costs these days.
  5. JDGlandscape

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    I was not intending that towards him, I just said based off of other threads I was surprised how many people were saying what they were. I have seen some pretty dumb comments in other threads from people who say that all you could possibly need is a ranger for landscaping and lawn maintenance

    And no, If you do not need a bigger truck then it would be foolish to buy one and pay for the fuel for it. But he will need the bigger truck for what he plans on doing. Its all about having the right tool for the job. No offense was meant to anyone who has posted in this thread at all, everything was very solid advice. Especially yours Richard, I have read many many of your posts and you definitely know what you are doing in this field, I listen to your advice quite a bit.
  6. TMlawncare

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    We have almost that same truck. Ours is a 1999 k3500 dually 4wd with the 454 and auto trans. We have a 8'x12' flatbed on it with wood sides. Under the bed we have a rugby 10 ton hoist. We purchase the truck new and I find it nearly perfect for our business. You always have enough room and capacity. As far as fuel economy figure 10-11mpg with no trailer and 6-7mpg towing a 18ft landscape trailer.
  7. kawakx125

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    the issue i had with my silverado half ton is that i would only get 10mpg pulling my trailer. now, unloaded i'd get 20mpg on the highway, and about 17-18 mixed driving. i traded it in on an 08 2500 ram diesel and get 15mpg towing and can do a whole heck of alot more with the truck.
  8. Element Property Mgmt

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    thx for the advice guys i am taking it all into consideration.
    i called the dealership today and apparently it IS a really good deal because they told me someone already came in and put money down on it and they are waiting for the financing. If their financing falls through i will check back on friday to see if it is still available and buy it. it does seem like a great truck for me with the versatility an at a great price, $6k and 30,000miles.... wow.

    as far as a skid steer goes, atm i do not own one so i would be renting for any jobs that i do, but in most cases i think it would come with the trailer. at the same time i would be able to use the bed/box as a topsoil, stone hauler or whatever so it would be just fine.

    i think i would be able to sacrifice a little bit of mpg doing lawn care driving this for its convenience and im sure the ability to stand out with a mower on top.
    i consider the comparison to be a 1500 or 2500 towing a trailer vs this with no trailer. I would think the smaller truck with trailer MIGHT get better mpg, but only a bit.

    i will see what happens...
  9. kawakx125

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    man 6k and 30k miles you shouldn't have passed that one up! i didn't read the first post entirely!
  10. meets1

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    How much? How many miles? Never have enough truck but gotta think about maintenance cost as well if a lot of miles ect. Dove tail? Flat bed? Dump bed?

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