Is this tree safe?

Discussion in 'Fertilizers, Pesticides and Diseases' started by Chris81, Jun 12, 2013.

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    I agree with the above assessments. That branch and tree is a high risk, and given the location and turf, probably also shallow rooted as well. If your prevailing wind direction is from the street side then IMO it needs to go ASAP.

    I have heard that sometimes power companies will take trees out for free, as a training exercise for their noobs. Might be worth checking into.
  2. Chris81

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    Do you think I could put it off for 8 months or so? because I literally just don't have enough money right now. I would have to wait for my tax return next year.
  3. rlitman

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    Worse than that. If they have reason to believe that your negligence by defraying the maintenance caused the tree to destroy your house, they could try to deny the claim entirely.
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    I think your fine until then Chris. I would just watch the tree and keep a close eye on it. I found a tree company in your area that looks pretty reputable and performs work to ISA and ANSI standards. The company is Michael's Tree Service and Davey Tree Service. Davey is a National company and Michaels is a local company. I would get recommendations and prices from both and go from there. Remember that the cheapest price is not always the best. Another great way to find a good tree company is to call your local chapter ISA and ask for a company that is active in their chapter, those are the companies that care about trees and people, not hacks.

    Things to watch out for on your ash tree would be delaminating bark and keep an eye on the bad branch union. Post some more pictures if you have any concerns. Sorry for the slow reply, I have been real busy with EAB.
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    I got a quote from Michael's for $1000 + $250 for the stump grind/removal.

    The branch union does have some kind of weird growth, found some black substance and pill bugs. I cleaned it out a little, here's a pic:





    Also, after it rains the hole on the other side does leak water the day after. You can notice the stain:



    I want to wait until winter so I can get it done a little cheaper. Do you think it has to come down now though?

    Also, what should I be looking out for in terms of signs that it will fail soon?
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    You need to look out for allot of signs like the tree moving allot and the crack becoming bigger as the wind moves also discoloration in the inner wood and wood dust coming from the crack. yes it should come down but it is not an immediate danger.
  7. Think Green

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    Rod bracing with high quality all thread, washers,bolts placed at strategic locations will hasten the inevitable split and shear of this trunk. Multi trunked trees that fuse together is a waiting time bomb for bad weather with down burst wind drafts. AFter the bracing is done, then topping off heavy outer limbs, and over hanging limbs is the best effective methods.
    As far as treatments for EAB, that is another question. Subscribed.
    Either way is costly, but is it as costly as replacing the home structure when this mega ton tree comes crashing into your living room or bedroom.
  8. whiffyspark

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    By the time you pay for all of that the tree could have came down. Which is inevitable.
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  9. Outdoors_Unlimited

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    $1250 is a good price for that removal.

    If your home owners insurance is paid up, you'd be fine waiting to winter, and you will save money in the winter.
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  10. easy-lift guy

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    Depending on the OP's deductable please define fine?. Find the money have the tree taken down and be done with it, PLEASE!!!!!.
    easy-lift guy

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